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University of Florida Implements Undergraduate Student Mentoring Program
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Archived Chapter News
University of Nebraska-Lincoln SAA Advocates for Healthy Hearing
UTDallas SAA Stays Active in Community Outreach
University of Cincinnati Provides Hearing Health to Rural Appalachia
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Supports Healthy Hearing in New Orleans
Nova Southeastern University Brings Hearing Aids to Nicaragua
Louisiana Tech Joins SAA
Rush University SAA Participates in Chicago Polar Plunge
University of Louisville Teams Up with HLAA
University of Wisconsin-Madison Host:
Back to Capitol Hill for The Ohio State University SAA
Utah State University: Mission from the Heart 2014
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Louisiana Tech Joins SAA 

The Louisiana Tech University Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) obtained national recognition through National SAA in October 2013!  From the start, they have generated several fundraisers around campus in order to build revenue for the organization.  They started the academic year with business card sales with the intent of SAA members, as well as other students within the Department of Speech at LA Tech, to aid in networking amongst professionals and other students.  Additionally, they offer ongoing snack sales to graduate students based on an honor system within the Department.  With these funds they intend to provide financial assistance to a community member in need of amplification.  Furthermore, they are currently designing t-shirts for the SAA chapter as well as the Louisiana Tech Speech and Hearing Center to be sold in the Spring Quarter 2014.  As a newer organization, the goal is to generate funds to become more active and involved with SAA on a national level. 

Aside from generating funds for the chapter of SAA, they are engaging in social media via Twitter and Facebook.  In an attempt to reach larger populations, they have also developed an advocacy committee that will help them in creating community outreach programs.  As aspiring audiologists, they are extremely passionate about advocating for the field and developing further awareness of the importance of hearing health. 

To keep up with the Louisiana Tech SAA Chapter, follow them on twitter: @latechSAA and like them on Facebook: The Louisiana Tech Student Academy of Audiology.

Members of the Louisiana Tech SAA 

Members of the Louisiana Tech SAA
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