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Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD

Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota

BS: Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington, 2004
MA: University of Pittsburgh, 2007
AuD: Audiology, University of Pittsburgh, 2008
PhD: University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Why are you interested in serving on the Academy board?
As a clinician, researcher and educator, I feel that I am in a unique position to be the voice of the membership of audiology. I want to serve on the Academy board because I feel that I can make a difference in the future of our profession. There are many concerns that are brought up on a daily basis to the academy. I feel that I can move forward with some of these concerns while ensuring follow-through of the current agenda of the board. I am good at being a bridge between current thoughts and future ideas; ensuring the completion of projects while stimulating new thoughts and projections. Beyond being an educator, I am also a practicing clinician. My job is to ensure the success of practitioners in the future. Because of this, I have sought out many current practicing clinicians in a variety of positions (ENT, hospital, VA, private practice) to gather their concerns. I have tried to apply these to my didactic coursework; I will also attempt to use these concerns to drive my practices as an Academy Board member. I feel that I can be the voice of the current and future practitioners; it is for this reason that I would like to serve on the Academy board.

What challenges or key issues do you see for the audiology profession in the next five years? What would you hope to accomplish about these challenges during your term on the board?
There are several concerns that I feel can be addressed during my potential tenure on the Academy board; some small and short-term, others more lofty and long-term.

Currently, in the short-term, I feel that the membership does not know what the Board members do. I think that we could be more transparent about the meetings, what is discussed and the reasoning for decisions. It has been expressed that membership feels confused about decisions and does not understand the logic. One of my short-term goals would be to increase transparency about where dues are spent, how AudiologyNOW! is funded and how decisions are made at the Academy and board levels.

Second, my middle-term goal, after reading the recent membership survey, one of the other concerns of the membership is that they don't feel that there is enough cohesion within the profession; along with this, the membership has expressed concerns about the direction of the profession given low knowledge about the profession in general. I feel these two things are intertwined. One of my other goals would be to work with other academies outside of our profession (such as PT, OT) to increase knowledge of our professions together. Many practicing physicians don't know of the benefits of having additional doctoring professions as referrals (in both directions) and how it would improve the health of their patients.

Finally, one of the long-term goals would be addressing member concerns about better reimbursement to improve salaries, pay the bills, and be commensurate with education. One of the things they seem to focus on is direct access, our autonomy as audiologists. Members feel that not having direct access to our patients is holding back the profession. I think one of our ways of achieving this would be to create a state network to work with our Representatives and Senators. I would propose working with the state organizations to identify a state leader and work with them to create a better network.

All of these goals would need good networking and communication. I feel that I am someone who does this well. Additionally, I believe that my skills as a professor, clinician, and researcher would bring the audiology community together.

What experience do you have in the planning, evaluation, and implementation of a strategic plan?
I have worked on the university and department strategic plan. This project began while I was here and has been implemented in the last two years. I understand that this is an ongoing process and requires continued evaluation and modification to meet current needs.

List any experience in Financial Management. Describe your experience in developing and implementing a budget for practice, business, department, or organization?
Our university clinic is essentially run as a private practice. We have to use department clinical funds to purchase all equipment, parts and operate the clinic. While I am not the clinic director, I assist in making decisions based on the income/clinical needs.

Select three competencies you feel best to represent your leadership strengths.
Communication Skills, Decision-making, Relationship Building

Based on the three competencies you selected that best represent your leadership strengths, comment on how these qualities would positively affect your ability to serve on the Academy board.
One of my strengths is my communication skills. I am good at assessing a situation and deciding what my role in the situation should be. Whether I need to be an advocate, a listener, or a mediator; I will change my role within the relationship to meet the needs of the group. This makes me a better communicator as I can empathize with other parties to make rational decisions through quality communication.

Another one of my strengths is relationship building; this goes along with being a good communicator. I am good at building relationships. I can see the strengths within each person and introduce these strengths to other people. I can help people through introducing them to a network of people to improve their goals within the organization.

Finally, I would select decision making as one of my strengths. I am good at identifying a problem. However, beyond this I do not persevere on the problem, I strive to find solutions. I often come up with a list of possible solutions based on the desired outcomes. In most situations, one solution does not meet the needs of the group, so providing a list of possible outcomes is part of the solution. However, addressing the problem also comes with addressing the desired outcomes. Listening to everyone's desired outcomes will help make the decision. This is one of my strengths.

Overall, I would say that my strengths are tied together. My ability to communicate effectively is directly related to my ability to form strong relationships between people. Further, these relationships make it so that I can make effective decisions that, while may not appease everyone, make everyone respect the decision given all of the information.