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The Ethical Practices Committee (EPC) will periodically review and update the code of ethics to which members are bound and produce advisory opinions clarifying ethics principles and rules. The EPC will formulate, review, update and publicize policies and procedures for review of complaints. Changes to the code of ethics, policies and procedures, and advisory opinions must be approved by the AAA Board of Directors prior to implementation and publication. The EPC will review public and member complaints alleging unethical behavior by members, adjudicate and determine appropriate disciplinary action. Decisions are subject to appeal to the Board of Directors. The EPC will work to increase member awareness of the American Academy of Audiology's code of ethics and the practical implication of the code, rules and advisory opinions.

Code of Ethics
Ethical Practices Committee Members 

Do you have a question about ethics? Want to report an ethics violation? Review this  flowchart for appropriate actions and if necessary contact the Ethical Practices Committee.