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Practice Management 

From coding and reimbursement questions and issues, to compliance and practive management resources and tools, this area of the Academy's site gives you the latest information on how to best manage your practice.

Academy Direct-to-Consumer Information Toolkit
Academy volunteers, staff, and leadership have developed materials to assist you and your patients in navigating the direct-to-consumer hearing aid delivery model. 

Tip of the Month: July

Stand True to Good Patient Care
Stand true to good patient care and do not allow anything other than optimal services to be associated with your name.

  • Stand up for your profession–recognize the challenges and obstacles that are present in the growth and progression of audiology. Get involved as much as you can–volunteer, donate, and become an advocate for audiology. 
  • Stand up for your patients–fight the insurance companies or third-party providers to ensure that your patience obtain support and coverage for the services that they need.
  • Stand up to manufacturers–complete your own research and do not accept substandard technology as treatment options.
  • Stand up for your business–be aware of your accounts receivable versus your accounts payable and work quickly and effectively to fix any issues that may compromise the overall bottom line.
  • Stand up for your clinical skills as an audiologist–provide justifications for your evaluative and treatment plan choices and do not waver on your recommendations. Do not let the patient dictate the treatment plan.  Provide a solution.
  • Stand up for your audiology colleagues–we all fight the same fight and have the same goal. Provide support and assistance when needed. Become involved in the Academy and be a face and voice for audiology.
  • Remember to Stand!

You can find great templates and information under the Resources and Tools section.

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