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Tip of the Month


Helpful Telephone Scripts

Both new and experienced office staff struggle from time to time with how to handle patient phone calls. Here are some helpful phone scripts that can be adapted for any number of purposes. 

When a patient is calling to make an appointment for any ear, nose, and throat complaints let’s also ask them the following:

“I understand you are having ___________problem.  The physician also treats hearing loss. As a part of our total patient care we want to make sure that if you have any hearing concerns that we make sure to address them. I have just a few questions for you.  Are you experiencing any of the following hearing difficulty, ringing in the ears, stuffed or blocked ears, or ear pressure. If you are we’d like to also schedule time during your visit to be evaluated by our Doctor of Audiology. The audiologist can see you either before or after your visit with the physician.  Does ____________ (time) work for you?

When a patient asks how much a hearing aid costs, use this script:

“The evaluation will determine the type of hearing instruments that will work best for you, so I am unable to give you an exact number. To determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids, it's important that you come for an evaluation. Would you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment?”

When a patient asks what brand of hearing aids you handle, try this script:

“We can order hearing aids from every major manufacturer, but we generally stick to a few from leading companies that offer the most advanced and reliable technology. With so many options, it's smart to schedule time for a complete hearing assessment, and rely on the expertise of the hearing professional.”


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