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May Is Better Hearing Month 

Celebrate the Sounds of Your Life

The Academy is dedicated to advancing the profession of audiology through increasing public awareness. Use the tools and resources provided below in your efforts to promote May Is Better Hearing Month.

New for 2013: In conjunction with May Is Better Hearing Month, the Academy has partnered with other hearing health organizations in the Pledge for Hearing Health campaign, as well as the Audiology Awareness Campaign, to promote audiology, hearing screenings, and our "Find an Audiologist" directory. During the month of May,  consumers are encouraged to find an audiologist in their area and to get their hearing checked. Look for our "How's Your Hearing? Ask an Audiologist!" logo on Web sites, press releases, e-mails, and more.

Want more awareness of healthy hearing, hearing loss prevention, and the audiology profession? Donate to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation and earmark your gift for public awareness during the month of May!