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MedPAC Issues Report to Congress on Medicare and the Health-Care Delivery System

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recently released its June 2024 Report to the Congress: Medicare and the…

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Vestibular Rehabilitation May Aid Balance in Parkinson’s Patients

A recent systematic review suggests people with Parkinson’s disease may find some benefit in vestibular rehabilitation to improve…

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Audiology Today

Audiology Today is a bimonthly magazine that provides comprehensive reporting on topics relevant to audiology.

Perceived Hearing Difficulty and Pure-Tone Audiometry (Ranta Images/Shutterstock.com and S. Chanesman)

Perceived Hearing Difficulty and Pure-Tone Audiometry 

This article provides a summary of the study by de Gruy et al (2023). Applying a simple data-driven analysis, 15 dB HL is established as a reasonable fence for pure-tone audiometry for identifying perceived hearing difficulty. The findings also show limitations in the diagnostic accuracy of pure-tone audiometry in identifying perceived hearing difficulty and support the need for considerations beyond pure-tone audiometry.

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The Need for a Standardized Audiological Protocol for Patients with Misophonia

The Need for a Standardized Audiological Protocol for Patients with Misophonia 

Misophonia is defined as a condition in which specific stimuli cause a strong negative emotional, physiological, and behavioral response in an individual. Despite the recent consensus definition for misophonia, there is now a significant need for translational research in audiology aimed at developing diagnostic criteria for patients suffering from misophonia.

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No Bones About It (Illustration: Suzanne Chanesman)

No Bones About It

Bone conduction testing has been a part of the audiometric test battery since the 1920s (Jones and Knudsen, 1924). However, in our experience, there remains some variance in how bone conduction testing is performed and documented in clinics, leading to confusion for students and sometimes mistrust among professionals. Over the years, the divergence between textbook instructions and clinical practice has remained.

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