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The Academy has created graphics and suggested post texts for our presenters to help drive attendance for their sessions and promote overall excitement for AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo. Thank you for helping to make our event a success!


  • Be sure to use #AAAConf24 in your posts.
  • Follow AND tag our social media accounts on whichever platform you feel most comfortable using.
    • Facebook @theamericanacademyofaudiology
    • X (Formerly Twitter) @AcademyofAuD
    • Instagram @academyofaud
    • LinkedIn @AmericanAcademyofAudiology
  • Join our Facebook social media event to post about your session or what you’re most looking forward to at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo in Atlanta, Georgia

Share with Your Network

Excited about the AAA 2024+HearTech Expo Conference? Will you be speaking or presenting at the conference? Promote the event and share your enthusiasm on your social media channels! All it takes is one simple click on the images below. Once you click on each image, you’ll find a ‘share’ button on the pop-up window.

Excited to present or moderate at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo? Share this graphic on your social channels and invite your network to join your session! Looking forward to engaging discussions and insights. #AAA2024 #HearTECHExpo
Exciting announcement! Are you speaking at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo? Broadcast these amazing graphics on your socials to build anticipation and motivate everyone to attend your session! Looking forward to catching up with you there! #AAA2024 #HearTECHExpo
Thrilling update! Will you be presenting at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo? Share these fantastic graphics on your socials to spark excitement and inspire everyone to join your session! Let's create lasting memories at the conference! #AAA2024 #HearTECHExpo

Suggested Post Text

Feel free to write your own posts if you wish, or copy the below and fill in the blanks, it is that easy!

Join me at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo in April in Atlanta, Georgia at the World Congress Center! I will be presenting on [TOPIC/SESSION TITLE]. See you there! #AAAConf24

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be presenting at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo. My session will be on [DATE/TIME/TOPIC] and I hope to see you there!

If you’re attending AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo, make sure to mark your calendar for my session on [TOPIC] which will be held on [DATE/TIME].

I am thrilled to share that I was selected to be a presenter this year at the American Academy of Audiology annual conference, AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo. Come and see my presentation titled [TITLE].

I’m going to be a speaker at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo in #Atlanta, Georgia, this year! Come and check out my presentation on [TOPIC/TITLE].

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