Academy Special Awards

Academy Special Awards

President's Award

The Presidential Award(s) may be presented during the term of the president, to an individual or group, for his/her or their exceptional service and dedication to the American Academy of Audiology, the profession of audiology, or to individuals with hearing, tinnitus, or balance disorders.

1998: Lucille Beck, PhD; Fred Bess, PhD; Carol Flexer, PhD; Barry Freeman, PhD; Linda Hood, PhD; James Jerger, PhD; Robert Keith, PhD; Jerry Northern, PhD; Roy Sullivan, PhD
1999: Brad Stach, PhD
2000: Craig Johnson, AuD; Angela Loavenbruck, EdD
2001: Gene Bratt, PhD; Kathleen Campbell, PhD; Evelyn Cherow, MPA, MA; Alison Grimes, AuD ; George Haskell, PhD; Lawrence Higdon, MS; Patricia McCarthy, PhD; Douglas Noffsinger, PhD
2002: Alan Freint, MD; Thomas McDonald, MD; Paul Pessis, AuD
2003: Kyle Dennis, PhD; Terese Finitzo, PhD
2004: Tomi Browne, AuD; Richard Danielson, PhD; Barry Freeman, PhD; Craig Johnson, AuD; Paul Pessis, AuD; Therese Walden, AuD
2005: Amy M. Donahue, PhD; Teri A. Hamill, PhD
2006: Captain Lisa Whitney, AuD;Todd Porter, AuD; Melanie E. Herzfeld, AuD; David H. Kirkwood; Jerry Northern, PhD; Angela M. Loavenbruck, EdD
2007: Jane Kukula, AuD; Craig Newman, PhD; Jack Roush, PhD; Kadyn Williams, AuD
2008: Carmen Brewer, PhD; Christine Yoshingo-Itano, PhD; Helena Solodar, PhD; Margaret Skinner, PhD
2009: Robert Keith, PhD; Edward A. M. Sullivan; Brian Vesely
2010: Doris Gordon; Larry Humes, PhD; Erin Miller, AuD
2011: Brenda Battat; Carmen Brewer, PhD; David Myers; Juliette Sterkens, AuD; Linda Remensnyder, AuD; Lisa Yonkers
2012: Debra Abel, AuD; Annette Burton, AuD; Sharon Sandridge, PhD
2013: Kathy Foltner, AuD; James Jerger, PhD; Joseph Smaldino, PhD; Gail Whitelaw, PhD
2014: Charles Berlin, PhD; John Coverstone, AuD; Marion Downs, MA; James 'Jay' Hall III, PhD; Lisa Hunter, PhD
2015: Gloria D. Garner, AuD; Alan Desmond, AuD; Deborah L. Carlson, PhD
2016: Marcia Raggio, PhD; June Uyehara-Isono, AuD; Bopanna Ballachanda, PhD; Kate Thomas
2017: Oaktree Products, Ida Institute, Joshua Huppert, AuD
2018: Dave Fabry, PhD; Paul Pessis, AuD; and Lady Jean Wilson
2019: George Cire, AuD; Jane Madell, PhD; and Rachel McArdle, PhD

Inspiration Award

The Inspiration Award may be presented when deserving individuals are identified by the American Academy of Audiology Board of Directors. This award is reserved for individuals outside the profession of audiology. The award recognizes an individual’s courage, determination and perseverance in how they live their life and demonstrate that hearing loss is not a barrier in inspiring others to make a difference in their communities or for others with hearing loss.

2012: Derrick Coleman
2015: Emma Faye Rudkin
2019: Braden Baker