FY 2010 Year-to-Date Committee Accomplishments

FY 2010 Year-to-Date Committee Accomplishments

AudiologyNOW! Program Committee

  • Planned and finalized the invited sessions.
  • Reviewed submissions for Learning Modules, Exhibitor Courses, Student Hands-On Labs, Industry Updates, Research Pods, and Research and Clinical Posters.
  • Developed special events and on-site activities.
  • Planned educational activities for San Diego outreach.

Business Enhancement Strategies & Techniques (BEST) Committee

  • Worked on updating several member resources to include The BEST Way: Reaching Physicians, Frontline Office Training Kit, Audiogram of Familiar Sounds, and Hearing Aid Checklist.
  • Developed and contributed to a column in Audiology Today on practice management.

Coding and Reimbursement Committee

  • Participated in CMS meeting regarding the new bundled and current single vestibular codes with representatives from ASHA and AAO-HNS.
  • Submitted responses to the proposed and final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rules.
  • Fielded questions from members and provided updates to FAQs for Web site.
  • As members of the Audiology Quality Consortium, continue to provide education for members for the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative.
  • Researched Medicare Opt Out issue, resulting in report to Executive Committee, Board and member education article.
  • Participated in meetings with other audiology associations and in anti-trust training.

Education Committee

  • Continued ongoing discussion on next steps related to the Gold Standards Summit outcomes.
  • Created Research in Audiology Education Subcommittee to focus on the development of evidenced-based instruction in AuD education.
  • Created education column in Audiology Today.
  • Recommended the development of a JAAA supplement on evidence-based instruction.
  • Clinical Education Subcommittee promoted and further developed the Externship Registry.

Ethical Practices Committee

  • Revised the Guidelines for Financial Relationships with Manufacturers of Hearing Devices in preparation for peer review.
  • Initiated revision of the Ethics in Audiology (Green) book.
  • Responded to a multitude of inquiries from members.

Government Relations Committee

  • Continued to push for direct access, gaining 53 cosponsors during the 65 days Congress was in session since its introduction.
  • Created a public policy resolution on pediatric audiology.
  • Developed Key Contacts training materials and resources.
  • Hosted a Virtual Advocacy Day to promote direct access.

Honors Committee

  • Received and reviewed a total of 13 nominations; selected eight honorees for 2010.

International Committee

  • Submitted nomination packages for the International Award in Hearing.
  • Supported the recommendation that Dr. John Durrant from the University of Pittsburgh represent the Academy and ASHA at the Affiliated Societies meeting of the International Society of Audiologists.
  • Supported the travel expenses of Academy representative to the Pan-American Society of Audiologists Conference.

Membership Committee

  • The Welcoming Subcommittee welcomed 141 new members to the Academy.
  • The Member Assistance Program Subcommittee reviewed and approved 11 applications for AudiologyNOW! 2010.
  • Announced that at year end 2009 the Academy had reached 11,012 members—the highest in Academy history!

PAC Advisory Board

  • Developed and launched a new fundraising campaign titled “PUSH the PAC.”
  • Planned a new fundraising event for AudiologyNOW!, redesigned existing contributor circles, identified new ways to thank contributors, and redesigned the PAC portion of the Academy's Web site.
  • Engaged students and provided more opportunities for students to become involved with fundraising initiatives.

Practice Policy Advisory Council

  • Attended RUC meeting and CPT Editorial Panel meeting in October 2009.
  • Participated in a CPT Panel Workgroup on Intraoperative Monitoring.

Professional Development Committee

  • Identified, developed, and scheduled eAudiology Web seminars six to eight months in advance.

Professional Standards and Practices Committee

  • Participated in activities of the Audiology Quality Consortium supporting PQRI.
  • Drafted Standards of Practice document (to be finalized April 2010).

Public Relations Committee

  • Rolled out new member tools for National Audiology Awareness Month and National Protect Your Hearing Month.
  • The Recruitment Subcommittee launch on www.audiology.org, with tips and tools for audiologists to use when recruiting into the field in their local area.

Publications Committee

  • Reviewed www.howsyourhearing.org Web site for design, layout, and content.
  • Reviewed content of “Hearing Aids” and “Newborn Hearing Screening” brochures.

Research Committee

  • Selected recipients of the Research Grants in Hearing and Balance.
  • The ARC 2010 Program Committee continued to plan the Academy Research Conference (ARC) on aging and hearing health.
  • The ARC 2010 Program Chair and the staff liaison successfully submitted an NIH conference grant application.

SAA Advisory Committee

  • Worked with the SAA board to recruit SAA chapters (38 chapters as of 12/31/09 ; 42 as of 2/9/10).
  • Restructured the advising process to merge the positions of SAA Advisory Committee Chair with SAA National Advisor.
  • Participated in the SAA’s strategic planning.
  • Worked with the SAA to develop a relationship with the Special Olympics Healthy Hearing Program.

State Network Committee

  • Prepared for the 10th Annual State Leaders Workshop.
  • Promoted the Active Advocate of the Year Award.
  • Conducted a review of state licensure laws for the AMA SOP Task Force.

Strategic Documents Committee

  • Five subcommittees made up of 19 task forces continue to develop practice guidelines, position statements, and reports.
  • Published Ototoxicity Monitoring Practice Guidelines and Position Statement in October 2009.