2013 BoD Nominations

2013 BoD Nominations

Jackie L. Clark, PhD

Member at Large
Jackie L. Clark, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor, School Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas, Dallas, TX; Research Scholar, School of Speech and Hearing Therapy; The University of The Witwatersrand, South Africa, and Owner-Partner, Cedar Creek Hearing Center; Tool, TX

BS: Textile Science/Merchandising, Colorado State University, 1975
MS: Communication Disorders (Dual Emphasis on Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, University of Texas at Dallas), 1987
PhD: Human Development and Communication Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, 1995

Position Statement
An otolaryngology friend recently made a comment to me, "Audiologists do not have any idea of the tsunami that is about to hit their profession." I understood that his statement was not meant to be threatening, but sympathetic. In light of the latest concerns of third-party agencies, some manufacturers releasing software to allow the consumer to fit their own hearing aids, and the recent ease of purchasing hearing aids online by the consumer, it is clear that we are entering into uncertain times. It is ironic that the technology we embrace as a profession is also opening doors for others to marginalize and devalue our profession. Certainly, if we want to remain the captains of our "Ship of Changes," we must individually and collectively advocate for the profession, and NOT abdicate our responsibilities for our patients and consumers. This is the perfect opportunity to educate our policy makers, as well as identify various health professionals at a local, state, and national level who are friendly toward our cause. Or, as we were taught in kindergarten to "make NEW friends!" The winds of change have started to stir. The stakes are too high for anyone in our profession to abdicate and be swept away by the tsunami. I stand prepared to identify, represent, and advocate for the voice of our profession during this historic time.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Engaging in clinically relevant research
  • Teleaudiology practice
  • Normalizing a new clinical test that measures adult speech recognition performance in the presence of various levels of multi-talker babble
  • Cultural attitudes influencing help-seeking behaviors in the U.S. and other countries
  • Demographic analysis of hearing loss in regions of Africa
  • Assessing efficacy of unique pediatric screening devices

Recipient Scott Haug Foundation Audiology Grant, 1999; Honor for Best Articles written for clinical audiology, the Hearing Review, 1999; UT-Dallas, Excellence in education fund, 1999; UT–Dallas, Excellence in Education Fund: Research Project " Ototoxicity monitoring of at risk patients within a Rehabilitation Facility," 2001; Humanitarian of the Year, American Academy of Audiology, 2006

Professional Activities
Committee for Diversity and International Exchange, American Academy of Audiology, 1999–2001; Co-creator and administrator of the Clearinghouse for International Audiology Opportunities (CIAO), American Academy of Audiology, 1999–2002; Coordinator of the annual Humanitarian Audiologists lunch-time meeting at AudiologyNOW!, 2000–Present; Director of Publications, Texas Academy of Audiology; Ex-Officio Executive Board Member Texas Academy of Audiology, 2001–2010; Humanitarian Audiologist Committee Chair within the International Society of Audiology, 2002–present; Honors and Recognition Committee Member for American Academy of Audiology, 2002–2008; Special Olympics Healthy Hearing volunteer, annual hearing screenings, 2002–present; Managing Editor, International Journal of Audiology, 2003–present; Audiology Online Advisory and Review Board Member, 2006–present; Advisory Board for National Association for Future Doctors of Audiology, 2006–2008; Board Member of the Godisa Technologies Trust in Otse, Botswana, 2008; Advisory Board, Better Hearing Institute, 2008–present; Advisory Board, Phonak – Hear the World U.S. foundation, 2008–present; Strategic Planning Member of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health and Co-organizer of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health International Conferences, 2008–present; Advisory Board of the Teleaudiology Network, 2009–present; Advisory Board of Healthy Hearing, 2009; Honors and Recognition Committee Member, American Academy of Audiology, 2011–present; President-elect, Texas Academy of Audiology, 2012; President, Texas Academy of Audiology, 2013