Jennifer Bobo, AuD

Jennifer Bobo, AuD

Key Account Manager
Widex, Inc.


Jennifer Bobo is a key account manager for Widex, serving the business and audiological needs of hearing care professionals in Texas and Louisiana. She is responsible for maintaining and growing accounts in her region as well as assisting with training, marketing activities and consumer seminars. She received a bachelor of science degree in communication disorders from University of Texas at Austin, a master of science degree in communication disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas and a doctor of audiology from Salus University.

Dr. Bobo has served as the president of the Texas Academy of Audiology, VP of Education for the Texas Academy of Audiology, as well as conference chair and exhibitor liaison. She also serves as conference chair and exhibitor liaison for the Louisiana Academy of Audiology and is a founding board member of the Future Leaders of Audiology Student Conference (FLASC). She has served on the Leadership Committee, Vendor Task Force, and currently a member of the State Leaders Network for the American Academy of Audiology. Since its inception, Dr. Bobo has also served as a mentor to the Texas State Ambassador for the Student Academy of Audiology.

Nominee Position Statement

Why are you interested in serving on the Academy Board?

I am interested in serving on the board, as I believe that this is the time for our profession to push harder for autonomy and amplify for our advocacy efforts. I am very happy to see the three organizations working together for federal legislation that elevates the value of audiology, but I want to help the Academy be seen as the professional leader moving forward and building on this momentum. Our services and expertise are extremely valuable and there are less of us to meet the need of the public with future forecasts calling for even more of a shortage.

This means that we have to make the public aware of who we are and how we benefit them so that we can more easily persuade our elected officials to support our legislation. I have the passion, experience and commitment to help make a difference and drive home the preferred futures of the Academy. Our annual conference is the largest gathering of audiologists in the world and I would like to help it grow using my experience as a key planner for both the Texas and Louisiana Academy of Audiology Conferences. I am not afraid to advocate for the profession and have been successful in recruiting audiologists who grow membership as well as become future board members.

What challenges or key issues do you see for the audiology profession in the next five years? What would you hope to accomplish relative to these challenges during your term on the board? 

  • OTC and Managed Care: Audiologists reimbursement is decreasing the same as it is for physicians. They too are serving more patients to make the same revenue which is why they are incorporating other models to bring in revenue to their practices. I believe that Audiologists will also need to start doing this as well and offer delivery models of products and services that vary for the different types of patients that find them. I want audiologists to see what the Academy does on their behalf that shows the public the value of what we do and why we are the best entry point for hearing healthcare.
  • Attrition of Audiology: Solution=Tele-Audiology: I believe that this is inevitable to the future of our profession and will offer opportunities for us as we will be able to see more patients in a shorter amount of time. I want to encourage each state to ensure that legislatively this gets well defined and much easier.
  • Interstate Compact/Reciprocity: I want to help the Academy realize the goal of the Interstate Compact, which would allow for reciprocity across states and further decouple the entanglement of speech and audiology that is created with ASHA CCCs and state licensure. Reciprocity would be a major step towards achieving that goal. 

What experience do you have in the planning, evaluation, and implementation of a strategic plan?

I have had significant experience in this area while working with the Texas and Louisiana Academies through planning and executing annual conferences as well as adhering to the annual budget each board has set forth. In addition, for the past 18 years, I have been responsible for planning, growing and managing a territory of customers in my last three positions.

List any experience in financial management. Describe your experience in developing and implementing a budget for a practice, business, department, or organization. 

I worked in a private practice for nearly eight years and managed two locations. I was responsible for setting the goals for the practice and implementing strategies to achieve those goals. I have performed these responsibilities in my last three positions, as well. While I was President of TAA, I implemented a budget plan and strategy for the conference to ensure a profitable outcome, which had been lacking in the past.

From the list below, select three competencies you feel best represent your leadership strengths:

Commitment, Problem Solving, Relationship Building

Based on the three competencies selected above, comment on how you feel these qualities would positively affect your ability to serve on the Academy Board. 

I have been committed to audiology since my first day as a clinical student. This profession is noble, valuable, and rewarding and has largely become my entire life. I am a driven person when it comes to advancing our profession and I like to help mold passionate audiologists into driven audiologists. The difference being that circumstances can sometimes steal your passion, but when you are driven nothing takes that from you.

Being a good problem solver has helped me become driven in that I know every problem has a solution and the trick is finding it. I enjoy that process and working with people who also enjoy that process. People that I look up to who are successful in their profession embrace the process of finding the solution, finding the path, as much as the outcome. Working towards lofty goals and solutions requires great effort which creates the opportunity for building strong relationships and I feel I excel in this area. I am a team player and I am as comfortable leading the team as I am working for it; the outcome is what’s important and the things we learn along the way.