Let Me Hear from You: ‘Tis the Season to Go Shopping

Let Me Hear from You: ‘Tis the Season to Go Shopping

And what better place than the Academy Store? Have you checked it out lately? If not, it's the perfect place to find audiology-related gifts and resources for your practice. Browse a number of areas on the Academy Store Web site, such as Apparel and a link to the Academy's Land's End e-store (makes great gifts for your colleagues, staff, externs, and even a treat for yourself), Books (nice gifts and valuable for your library ), Brochures and Posters (useful tools for your practice), Multimedia (the educational CD ROMs are great), Professional Items and Tools (remember that EAR Clipboard from AudiologyNOW!, that's where it is), and more.

Take a minute or two to browse the Academy Store Web site while doing your online holiday shopping. 

A few of my favorites: In the Apparel category, my choice is the Navy Hooded Sweatshirt for those chilly days, even in Florida, and the (EAR)resistible t-shirt is a must-have. Not only does the sweatshirt keep you warm, but it also is a superb way to increase awareness of audiology, and all proceeds from the sale from the (EAR)resistible t-shirt are donated to the AAA Foundation. Dr. James Jerger's book, Audiology: An Editorial Journal, provides an excellent history and review of audiology research initiatives. I also can attest to the great benefits of using the items found in the Brochures and Posters, Multimedia, and Professional Items and Tools sections of the store. The items available are invaluable for a variety of work settings and practice areas.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with the Academy Store. Please drop me a line to let me know if you have ever visited the Academy Store. If so, was it easy to navigate? Did you purchase an item or just browse? Have you obtained items for use in your practice, and if so, were they helpful? Were they easy to order? Are there any items you would like to see available for purchase in the Academy Store?

For those of you who are all shopped out and need a break from searching for retail, here's a suggestion: You might want to consider making a donation to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation, especially relevant as we approach the end of the year 2010. Your tax-deductible contribution to the AAAF Annual Fund ensures that the Foundation meets its numerous programmatic commitments each year. And you can designate your donation to a specific Foundation project or make a tribute gift (it's the perfect gift for someone who has everything!).

Simply go to the Foundation Web site and click on the yellow button titled "Make a Gift" on the left-hand side, or simply contact Kathleen Devlin Culver, AAA Foundation Director of Development, at 703-226-1049. Not only is this a gift you do not have to wrap, it is also tax-deductible and will offer support for the Foundation's worthy efforts.

I conclude with one final "'Tis the Season" suggestion. A new book titled 100 Sounds to See is available on Amazon.com. This book was written by Marsha Engle, an individual with profound sensorineural hearing loss, who poignantly describes and illustrates sounds she can no longer hear. Engle graciously decided to contribute a portion of the proceeds from this enchanting coffee-table book to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. I highly recommend this touching book.