Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

By M. Patrick Feeney, PhD

Your input is requested…

At the July 2008 Board of Director's meeting, the board will spend two full days reviewing the Academy's strategic plan. The strategic plan sets the Academy's course for the future and serves to guide the board's work on behalf of the members.

Goal 1 of our strategic plan is to promote a member-driven environment that fosters member involvement and provides services essential to your professional success. To that end, I would like your input on two upcoming initiatives:

(1) We plan to create practice communities. These are opportunities for you to engage with those of shared interests and experiences in audiology. However, to help us develop meaningful opportunities, we need to know what challenges you are experiencing. We seek to identify commonalities and differences among practice environments, from which we can develop tools for the membership, through Academy committees and staff.

For example: Some members may be challenged trying to help underserved populations obtain audiologic services. The Academy has a humanitarian task force that is currently working on solutions for this issue, and perhaps these could be customized for multiple situations.

Other members may face challenges developing clinical research studies addressing a special clinical problem. With the help of the Research Committee, we may be able to facilitate networking between clinicians and researchers in a variety of practice settings.

In other words, the Academy can pool our human and informational resources to accomplish Goal 1 of our strategic plan, while providing "value-added" services to the membership.

(2) We would like to update the Academy's statement of professional values. Our current values are integrity, commitment, excellence, and professionalism. Should we add other values to help describe what we stand for? Some examples drawn from the values described by other professions include professional accountability, social and professional responsibility, continuing competence, knowledge application, leadership, improving access to care, outcomes-based scientific knowledge and clinical practice, and maintaining trust by managing conflicts of interest. We would like to hear suggestions from you on professional values for the Academy.

Join in the work of your board by providing ideas in this brief, three-question survey (no longer valid link) about practice communities and professional values.

Let me hear from you.