Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Learn More About the Academy's Strategic Documents

By M. Patrick Feeney, PhD

The Academy has a number of strategic documents (e.g., position statements, practice guidelines) located in the Document Library on the Academy’s Web site that we hope you are finding useful. It is a continual process to review and update these documents, as well as to identify the need for new practice documents for our profession. Patricia Kricos, PhD, is currently serving as the chair of the Strategic Documents Committee. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you regarding other strategic documents that you feel would be helpful for your practice. Examples of recent documents developed in this group include: A Systematic Review of Health-Related Quality of Life and Hearing Aids: Final Report of the AAA Task Force on the Health-Related Quality of Life Benefits of Amplification in Adults, AAA Position Statement on Classroom Acoustics, and Clinical Practice Guidelines: Remote Microphone Hearing Assistance Technologies for Children and Youth Birth to 21 Years. Several task forces within the Strategic Documents Committee are currently at work either reviewing or updating existing documents or creating new ones. These documents and the chair of each task force are listed in the chart below:



Strategic Document Title Status* Task Force Chair
Hearing Screening Revisited New Karen Anderson
Diagnosis & Treatment of Otitis Media in Children Review Erica Friedland
Identification of Hearing Loss & Middle Ear Dysfunction Review Joseph Pillion
Diagnosis and Management of Tinnitus Review Lisa Hansel
Adult Audiologic Assessment Review Jeffrey Martin
Guidelines for Pediatric Testing Birth to 5 years New Wende Yellin
Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-synchrony Guidelines New Chuck Berlin
Ototoxicity Monitoring Practice Guidelines New John Durrant
Otoacoustic Emissions Practice Guidelines New James Hall III
Auditory Processing Disorders Guidelines New Frank Musiek
Audiogram Symbols, Calibration, Infection Control New Dennis Van Vliet
Intraoperative Monitoring Guidelines New Paul Kileny
Auditory Integration Training Position Statement Review Carrie Spangler
Classroom Acoustics Position Statement New Daniel Ostregren
Remote Microphone HAT for Children: Supplement B New Cheryl Johnson
Pediatric Amplification Guidelines Revision Alison Grimes

*New/Review of existing document/Revision update

I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward your suggestions to me for additional documents that would be helpful in your practice using the link below. Also, please indicate your interest in helping to develop these documents. Let me hear from you!