Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Bylaws Revised

By M. Patrick Feeney, PhD

Thanks to all who commented on the proposed Academy Bylaws changes. The Board of Directors read every comment and had an in-depth discussion about them. Afterward, our 12- member board returned the bylaws to the Governance Task Force with guidance for revision. 

Although not a provision that was proposed for amendment by the task force, the election of the president-elect by the current board (adopted in 2005) received much attention. The board decided to change this provision and return the election of the president-elect to the membership. This becomes effective with the election for 2010. 

There were recommendations to the board by the Governance Task Force and from those who responded during the comment period. These included issues such as member attendance at Academy board meetings, the possibility of serving on the board after a specified hiatus, Academy relationships with interdependent organizations, and board responsibility for the strategic direction of the Academy. Additionally, the existing ad-hoc management activity by the president, president-elect, and past president was recognized in the bylaws formally as the executive committee. Finally, transparency was enhanced in the new bylaws in that any changes to the bylaws will be advertised for member comment for a period not less than 30 days. The Governance Task Force completed its work, and the board approved the revised bylaws, which are now posted to our Web site

This is my last AT Extra column as Academy president. It has been an honor serving the membership in this capacity. I encourage each of you to participate in moving the profession forward by serving the Academy, which will ultimately improve services to our patients. I will remain on the board as past president for a one-year term starting in July. Let me hear from you if you have any ideas for improving things, or if you would like to get involved in Academy service.