Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

July Board Meeting Highlights

By Kris English, PhD 

It’s my pleasure to give an overview of the Academy’s first board meeting of the fiscal year 2010. Before I begin, though, please note that at the end of this summary is an invitation to join me in a membership conference call—don’t skip that part! 

The board convened at the Academy’s headquarters office in Reston, VA. This year’s board includes the following new members: Virginia Best (president of the Student Academy of Audiology—a first-time event!), Rebekah Cunningham, Brian Fligor, and Teri Hamill. 

Thursday, July 16, 8:00am: The meeting was called to order. We began with a moment to acknowledge Roger Ruth, PhD, who had passed away on July 13. Then, in addition to routine business (e.g., approving minutes, treasurer report, and committee reports), we focused on the following:

  • A final set of recommended “next steps” from the Gold Standards Education Summit Task Force (to be prioritized by our Education Committee);
  • A presentation on Interoperative Monitoring (IOM) by Dan Schwartz and Paul Kileny as it relates to audiology’s scope of practice;
  • Appointment of an independent auditor for FY09;
  • Approval for members of this year’s Nominations Committee: Gary Jacobson, Georgine Ray, Kim Barry, Bopanna Ballachanda, Teri Wilson-Bridges, Lisa Hunter, and Chair Pat Feeney. NOTE: This committee is accepting your nominations for next year’s (FY11) new board members and president-elect. Read more...[[[FIX]]]

Reports on ethics guidelines and hearing aid delivery were discussed. The Professional Standards Committee (chair: Cheryl DeConde Johnson) completed its charge to submit an updated, member-driven set of values for the Academy, based on extensive review and member input. Review the new set of core values on the Academy's Web site. (PDF)

Friday, July 17, 6:30am: The board travelled to Washington, DC, for breakfast with Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), a co-sponsor for our Direct Access bill. Board members then visited with 20 offices and met with their congressional representatives to educate them about audiology and ask for their support for Direct Access. These meetings were scheduled by our Melissa Sinden, senior director of government relations, and Kate Thomas, senior manager of government relations; thanks to their organizational skills, 13 people navigated their way to Senate and Congress offices and then back to our Capitol Hill office without getting lost. 

A first: While the board was meeting with representatives in person, hundreds of Academy members were also participating in our Virtual Advocacy Day. This project was coordinated by the Government Relations Committee (chair: Erin Miller), which notified members of the opportunity to participate from home by submitting an easy-to-use email message. It was very gratifying to know we were working together even over great distances. Our members took action by sending over 400 letters to their respresentatives. 

The afternoon concluded with presentations from Dianne Meyer, chair of the Academy’s Foundation; Jim Beauchamp, chair of the American Board of Audiology; and Catherine Palmer, vice-chair of the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (representatives of the A4 organizations). 

After the board meeting adjourned, the representatives from the A4 held a working dinner and brainstormed about a vision of audiology for the year 2020, currently being dubbed Project Audiology—a 2020 vision. The results of this A4 discussion will be a jumping-off point for a set of “think-tank” discussions to be held in upcoming months. The ideas gathered will funnel into the development of a survey to be fielded among Academy members in Spring 2010. The survey data will guide President-Elect Patti Kricos and the FY11 Board in updating the Academy’s Strategic Plan. 

I’ll be providing summaries of board meetings each quarter; please let me know if you find them helpful. And, earlier I mentioned a membership conference call, “Talk with the President.” The purpose of the call is for me to dialogue with you about your life as an audiologist and to discuss any concerns on your mind. The first conference call is scheduled for Wednesday, August 19, 8:00-9:00pm ET. We are hoping for 20 interested members; if you are among the first 20 to register, you will receive instructions for joining the call. I look forward to talking with you. 

Click here to register and take part in the first “Talk with the President” conference call.