Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Resources Galore!

By Kris English, PhD 

It can be hard to appreciate the amount of material available on the Academy’s Web site, so I’d like to highlight two ways you can become more familiar with its resources. One approach addresses a specific and very timely topic; one approach helps you explore your own particular interests. 

What to Do About Hearing Aid Plans?
Members have heard that group plans are now supporting audiologic services and products in a variety of ways. For example, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers its members a program that “endorses” hearing aid dispensers; a growing number of union benefit plans are expanding their health care plans to include hearing care as well. Should you participate? 

The Academy cannot give specific advice regarding the decision to participate in any individual program, as that would violate anti-trust laws. However, we can provide educational tools and general guidance, and that vein, the Coding and Reimbursement Committee (chair: Annette Burton; staff liaison: Deb Abel) has developed a Fact Sheet with a set of questions each audiologist must be able to answer before making any decisions. Additionally, a recent article by Adam Locker has been pulled from the May/June 2009 issue of Audiology Today as a stand-alone resource for member convenience. These materials (plus the advise of an attorney familiar with health care law) will help the audiologist determine “whether the terms and reimbursement levels of the contract meet the costs and the profit margins necessary for his or her practice.” 

What’s YOUR Search Engine?
Remember life before Google? Remember wondering about the capital of Albania, or how to cook a soufflé, or whatever happened to the guys who recorded “Itchycoo Park?” Before search engines existed, we’d really have to dig around to find answers. Nowadays — got a question? The answer can usually be obtained in about 3 seconds. 

When you have a question about audiology, though, skip Google and Bing, and “look it up” at the Academy’s Web site. The search feature is very nimble, and our Web site content editor, Doug Beck, AuD, has been building up the Academy’s library, resulting in a rich repository of information on hearing and balance. 

Perhaps you’ve wondering about the evidence on bilateral cochlear implantation (111 articles), or the latest thinking on APD (88 articles). Or you’ve noticed increased attention on hearing loss and music—you’re in luck! You’ll find 247 articles on the topic. 

Remember to log in as a member, as search results may vary if you don't. Take a few moments to use the Search Feature and browse our gold mine of information. I guarantee you will be impressed with the Academy’s resources.