Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

October Board Meeting Recap

By Kris English, PhD 

It’s time for my second board meeting report and second invite to Talk with the President! The Academy Board of Directors (BOD) held its quarterly meeting at Academy headquarters (Reston, VA) on October 8-9. Following are some highlights:

  • Report: AMA Response Task Force (chair: Georgine Ray). The task force submitted a report summarizing their review of the AMA Scope of Practice module on audiology. The contents of the report will be used to create a “toolkit” (i.e., cover letter and FAQ sheet) for states to use with lobbyists and governmental decision-makers. A similar toolkit will be created for members who want to discuss the monograph with employers or others. View the Academy's response to the AMA.
    • The members of this task force include the following Academy members: Victor Bray (member at large), John Coverstone (chair, State Leaders Network), Craig Johnson (member at large), Sara Lake (ABA Proxy), Erin Miller (chair, Government Relations), Charlie Stone (ADA president), Paul Pessis (member at large), Vicki Tuten (MAA rep), Therese Walden (ABA rep), Kadyn Williams (member at large), Ian Windmill (ACAE chair).
  • Report: Direct Access. John Williams (the Academy’s lobbyist from The Federal Group) provided an update on our Direct Access Bill. Several strategies are being applied and the number of sponsors for the bill continues to grow.
  • Report: Project Audiology—Vision 2020. To update our strategic plan, BOD members will be holding Think Tanks across the country. Think tanks are small-group discussions based on this premise—“Audiology can no longer afford to remain a ‘small’ profession.” President-Elect Pat Kricos will coordinate the data from think tank discussions; input will be used to develop a member survey for next year. The BOD broke into small groups and held its own think tank discussions, joined by senior staff.
  • Motions approved:
    • To accept the nomination of Richard Roberts as Program Chair of AudiologyNOW!® 2011.
    • To establish the Practice Compliance Committee.
    • To approve the following for Life Membership: Ron Pearlman, PhD, Cheryl Murray, MA, Carol Sommer, MA, and Alan Richard, PhD.
    • To approve the Ototoxicity Monitoring Position Statement and Guidelines for final publication (John Durrant, PhD, chair).

Committee Activities

A brief summary from 12 of our 18 committees: 

Business Enhancement Strategies and Techniques (BEST) (chair: Soriya Estes) conducted a survey last month to see what members want for practice support. They also held a conference call with the Coding and Reimbursement Committee (Annette Burton) and Government Relations (Erin Miller) to discuss how best to disseminate information to our members. The committee also submitted an article on marketing tips for the Nov/Dec issue of AT

Education (chairs: Maureen Valente and Christie Yoshinaga-Itano) is developing best practice documents related to clinical practicum and didactic course work, enhancing research in education, achieving a greater degree of standardization regarding the fourth year externship, and helping to support AuD/PhD efforts. 

The Ethical Practices Committee (chair: Angela Shoup) is revising the Guidelines for Financial Relationships with Manufacturers of Hearing Devices based on member and board of director recommendations. 

International (chair: Carolyn Gaiero) focused its efforts on identifying and nominating worthy individuals for the International Award in Hearing. 

Membership (chair: Kelly King) welcomed 950 new members to the Academy, and connected with past and current members to determine how the Academy may better meet their needs. 

Professional Development (chair: Vicki Dionne) continues to schedule challenging and relevant e-Audiology (online) continuing education courses. The course schedule is completed through July. 

Professional Standards (chair: Eileen Rall) is starting to draft Practice Standards. Members have reviewed the standards of several other profession's statements. 

Publications: (chair: Shilpi Banerjee) met a range of deadlines in order to launch the new consumer Web site: www.howsyourhearing.org

Public Relations (chair: Tish Gaffney) created materials for members to promote the October National Audiology Awareness Month and National Protect Your Hearing Month campaigns (materials available on the Academy Web site). 

Research (chair: Craig Champlin) announced the deadline for Academy grant submissions has just closed. The Research Committee will now review the submitted applications and make funding decisions. 

SAA Advisory Committee (chair: Jack Roush) is recruiting local chapters, identifying national board goals and priorities, establishing a committee structure, forging an alliance with Special Olympics-Healthy Hearing, reviewing SAA bylaws, and making plans for AudiologyNOW! 2010. 

State Leaders Network (chair: John Coverstone) participated in the AMA Response Task Force to address concerns regarding the American Medical Association's Scope of Practice series directed at audiology and efforts to constrain legislative changes at the state level. 

The following members were recognized for their roles in supporting the Academy:

  • Dan Ostregren and Sandra Gordan-Salant: Academy reps to the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) (Bioacoustics, Noise, Electroacoustics, TAGNoise and ANSI)
  • Laurie Wells and Theresa Schulz: Academy reps to (CAOHC)
  • Carmen Brewer: Academy rep to Healthy People 2020 conference (NIH)
  • Rebekah Cunningham: Academy rep for Hearing Charities of America (Sertoma)
  • Alison Grimes: represents audiology on the National Council of State Boards of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

The next board meeting will be held on January 14-15, 2010, and it will include a “first.” Instead of traveling, we’ll be “going green” by using telecom technology. 

Here’s your second quarter invite to Talk with the President. The purpose of the call is to give an opportunity for me to dialogue about your life as an audiologist, and to discuss any concerns on your mind. This conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 8:00-9:00 pm ET. We are hoping for 20 interested members. If you are among the first 20 to register (sign up here), you will receive instructions for joining the call. I look forward to talking with you.