Let Me Hear from You

Let Me Hear from You

25th Anniversary Milestones, Board Elections, Board Meeting Recap, and More

Happy 25th anniversary to the Academy! On January 30, 1988, a group of 32 audiologists met to discuss the formation of a national association of, by, and for audiologists. We now celebrate the 25th anniversary of this occasion, nearly 12,000 members strong. Special gratitude is extended to our colleagues who had the vision and insight to form our American Academy of Audiology.

There will be many opportunities for you to help celebrate this milestone throughout the coming year. One of the first ways is to participate in this month’s annual election of the Board of Directors. These individuals represent you in supporting the vision and core values of the Academy. We have important decisions in areas such as reimbursement, legislation, health care, clinical issues, and education. Please take a few minutes to review the candidate qualifications and position statements and submit your ballot for those you feel will best represent your interests.

Do you provide services to pediatric patients? Our pediatric amplification task force has completed an update of the Pediatric Amplification Practice Guidelines. This document describes best practices for implementation of a comprehensive treatment plan for management of children with hearing loss. The document is now available for widespread peer review with comments due by March 1. Widespread peer review is an important part of the process of finalizing the guideline and is your opportunity to provide input into these practices.

Register now for AN!13. There will be a number of events celebrating our 25-year anniversary, including a few featured sessions reminiscent of our first convention on Kiawah Island. The theme this year is “Innovate the Future of Audiology” and our Program Committee has developed a fantastic program including 50+ featured sessions and 100+ learning modules and exhibitor courses. Start your convention experience on Wednesday with the pre-meeting Academy Research Conference (ARC) on binaural hearing or a variety of learning labs. Don’t forget about Audiology Solutions, the largest exposition of audiology products, which is available throughout the meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about new innovations in industry.

The Board of Director’s held it’s quarterly face-to-face meeting in January. This meeting was a virtual board meeting with the president, president-elect, and past president present in Reston and the other board members present via videoconference. A brief recap is provided below.

President Deborah Carlson presented information from board member surveys regarding what the Academy does best/what the Academy could do better and a Board Role Continuum comparing board performance to the optimum role of the board. Board members agreed the Academy excels in educational opportunities and could grow in the area of communications. Additional board educational materials discussed the life stages of an association with the Academy in the young adulthood phase and a review of governance vs. management functions. President-Elect Bettie Borton provided an overview of the mid-year committee review process.

Melissa Sinden, senior director of government relations, introduced our advocacy advisors from Chamber Hill Strategies. The consultants provided a recap of the events at the end of the 112th Congress. Upcoming events and plans for the 113th Congress were also discussed. Past President Therese Walden presented a recap of a recent meeting with the FDA regarding the Agency's role and enforcement regarding direct-to-consumer hearing aids and PSAPs. President-Elect Bettie Borton and Director of Regulatory Affairs, Sharmila Sandhu, Esq., provided a recap of our meeting with ASHA regarding representation of audiology on the RUC-HCPAC. President Carlson reviewed audiology items from the Audiology Healthcare Summit that are already being addressed by current Academy initiatives and items for future work and possible collaboration.

POLICY:  Public/Operational
Motions were passed as follows: (a) To accept the FY12 audited financials, (b) To accept the Dec 2012 conference call minutes, as amended, (c) To accept the December financial reports, (d) To accept the investment report, and (e) To approve the consent agenda. Board member Eileen Rall presented an overview of the Academy’s 25-year financial history.

Reports were provided by the president, president-elect, past president, executive director, and A4 board liaisons.

In closing, remember that gifts to the AAA Foundation and the PAC[[[FIX]]] are two additional ways to celebrate your support of our profession. Commemorate our 25 years as an Academy with an extra donation this year. No amount is insignificant!