Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Collective and Coordinated Efforts

Much like celebrating the New Year, July marks the transition of leadership for the Academy. July 1 marks the start of new leadership terms, as well as the Academy fiscal year. Like New Year's, I view this as a time to pause to recognize the efforts of those during the past year as well as those committed to the upcoming year.

To this end, we recognize and thank Therese Walden, for her inspiration and leadership as our president over the past year. Therese is a fierce advocate for our profession and has led the way in our understanding and navigation through many external changes and events related to service delivery. Her legislative and regulatory knowledge and connections have served us well. We look forward to her continued efforts with the Academy as our past president.

We will miss Patricia (Patti) Kricos, our 21st Academy president, as she leaves the board for her next endeavor. Her passion for audiology and the needs of those that we serve are infectious, and she has a whole "bucket list" of ways to continue these efforts into her recent retirement from her position at the University of Florida and the Academy board. Patti's open mind and visionary thinking led us into the development of our Preferred Future and relationships with the HLAA.

A special thank you goes to our outgoing board members: Kimberly Barry, Rebekah Cunningham, and Brian Fligor, who have served admirably during their three-year terms. The experience and perspectives of each individual board member are significant to the synergy of the board and what we accomplish as an Academy.

Our committees are responsible for carrying out ongoing specialized charges and much of the work of the Academy. We express our gratitude to our committee chairs who have completed their terms or transitioned into other roles on behalf of the Academy: Craig Champlin, Vickie Dionne, Patricia Gaffney, Tina Huckabay, Gyl Kasewurm, Kelly King, Brian Kreisman, Michael Page, and Brad Stach. And, of course, we thank the many members who completed their work this year on our numerous committees, subcommittees, and task forces.

Looking forward, we welcome new commitments from our president-elect, Bettie Borton, and incoming board members Shilpi Banerjee, Patricia Gaffney, Richard Roberts, and Jennifer Shinn. These members at large join our sitting board members Thomas Littman, Erin Miller, Devin McCaslin, Eileen Rall, and David Zapala. Finally, please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with those carrying out our FY13 committee work.

As you can see, the leadership of the Academy is apparent in many facets. These volunteers give unselfishly, and often with little recognition, to the advancement of our profession. I encourage you to take a moment to thank those who have contributed to the past success of the Academy and those currently dedicated to our future as an Academy. Finally, I urge you to consider your role in the Academy, take this time to consider the ways in which you too can make a contribution. It is the collective and coordinated efforts of all that will drive the advancement and increased recognition of "our" audiology profession. I look forward to working with our many volunteer leaders in continuing the work of those before me and ensuring our readiness for the future.