Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Frankenstorm Sandy, Office Move, and October Board Meeting

Have you noticed how quickly 2012 has gone by? This past month was certainly no exception and one that will be memorable in many ways.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to our colleagues, friends, and families in the northeast portion of the country in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Eleven states and DC have been impacted with flooding, wind damage, power outage, fires, and even cooler temperatures and snow, as the late season hurricane collided with a cold front. Nicknamed Frankenstorm a few days prior to impact, the devastating effects will be felt in some areas for several years to come. We are hopeful that many of our colleagues in the path of Sandy were spared. For those who were less fortunate, prepare yourselves to celebrate the baby steps in the recovery process and dont let the occasional setbacks and shifting priorities get the best of you along the way. Know that you are thought of and you have fellow audiologists and friends willing to help in the recovery process.

As Sandy was approaching, our Academy staff were busy packing up the Academy headquarters to prepare for the move to a new location in Reston. Ed Sullivan, deputy executive director, and Peggy Azouqha, executive assistant/office manager, oversaw the weekend move to ensure everything was safely in the new office by Sunday evening. Despite the weather related closures in the Virginia/DC area on Monday, Bill Kana, information systems manager, and Ed worked to get the Academy Internet services restored as quickly as possible. Now the fun of unpacking begins so we can get back to business. Thanks to everyone for the months of planning and execution of this transition. The new headquarters will provide a net reduction in rent over the 10-year lease and allow a better use of space.

Connections are essential in expanding our reach and in late September we had an enlightening meeting with five board members of the Council of Academic Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD). Also present were leadership of the ABA, ACAE, SAA, and the Council of AuD Programs. This forum offered a first in connecting the dots in the overall scheme of recruitment, education, and training of our future audiologists. We look forward to further developments in the opportunities that were identified at this meeting.

Have you read the new Academy Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance e-newsletter that was sent in October? The e-newsletter comes out on the second Wednesday of every month. Our Coding & Reimbursement and Practice Compliance Committees and staff have been working diligently over several months to develop this member information source. The e-newsletter highlights reimbursement and compliance news, Academy coding and compliance resources, FAQs, and practice tips. Kudos to our volunteers in their efforts to keep us abreast of important issues related to our clinical practice.

Finally, October marked our second face-to-face board meeting for the fiscal year. A great deal of preparation occurs prior to the board meeting by Academy leadership and staff. A few of the meeting highlights included discussions on strategy and collaboration, advocacy planning, potential revenue streams, current status of teleaudiology, review of this years Jerger Future Leaders in Audiology Conference (JFLAC) attendee projects, and highlights of the changes expected in our U.S. health-care delivery and payment system.

The board approved motions related to the AudiologyNOW! 2014 program chair, the slate for president-elect and board members-at-large, approval of the memorandums of understanding with each of the A4 groups, approvals of financial and investment reports, and review of committee activities and reports.

It is difficult to adequately summarize the behind-the-scenes work and accomplishments of the Academy during the course of a single month. I hope youll take time to appreciate this snapshot and the multitude of efforts that occur in moving our profession ahead, piece-by-piece, with clear focus on our Preferred Futures. Stay tuned!