Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Celebrating Our Profession

Spring is in the air and there is much to celebrate! We congratulate and welcome several hundred audiologists into the profession, as we graduate new AuDs and PhDs from programs across the country. These new graduates are joining clinical practices in serving the hearing and balance needs of our patients and taking positions in universities to educate future audiologists. Graduate programs are busy processing applications for their fall class of new students. At the same time, several members of the Academy have been spreading the word about audiology, and the opportunities that abound, at the four regional biennial meetings of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions. We have a growing need for audiologists and recruitment of future professionals remains a top priority in serving the needs of those with hearing and balance disorders.

Did you hear the recent news that Career Cast ranks the Audiologist as the 4th best job of 2013. Audiology has received a great deal of press in this area over the past few years and we need to continually spread the word and tell our story. Others need to know about the excitement and growth of our profession. School will be out soon and high school students in STEM programs will be looking for summer internship opportunities. Be sure to offer observation, volunteer, or other work opportunities to undergraduate students to learn more about audiology.

May Is Better Hearing Month and presents an opportunity to educate the public on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of hearing and balance disorders. Offering free hearing screenings in your office or other local venues, participation in health fairs, presentations in school classrooms, and public education through local news media ads, interviews, and service club presentations are all important ways to spread the word about the audiologists role in hearing and balance wellness and care. This year, the Academy has partnered with other hearing health organizations in the Pledge for Hearing Health campaign, to promote audiology and our "Find an Audiologist" directory. During the month of May, consumers are encouraged to find an audiologist in their area and to get their hearing checked. Look for our "How's Your Hearing? Ask an Audiologist!" logo on Web sites, press releases, e-mails, and more. For a little later in the year, plan ahead for a continued focus on these efforts for October Is National Audiology Awareness Month and National Protect Your Hearing Month.

On a final note, the Academy Board of Directors held its quarterly board meeting the day before AudiologyNOW! Highlights of the meeting include:

Governance: Discussed board orientation and training as related to governance. Reviewed updated A4 Mission Chart and Quarter 3 dashboard. FY14 committee chair and board liaison assignments were presented.

Advocacy: Updates were provided on the Hearing Aid Tax Credit bill, Direct Access, and the 18 x 18 initiative. A recently developed information sheet on proposed audiology legislative initiatives was provided and was made available at the Academy State Leaders Workshop and the Academy Advocacy Booth. An update on the audiology RUC HCPAC seat was provided. The board discussed the need to educate the membership on matters related to the RUC and CPT HCPAC on their daily practice of audiology.

Policy: Minutes of the March conference call were approved with amendments. Both the financial and investment reports were discussed and approved. A pool of potential Ethical Practice Committee members to replace outgoing members was presented and approved as amended. The consent agenda was approved. The Public Relations Committee patient engagement PowerPoint presentation was discussed. ACAE presented highlights of their recently completed stakeholder survey.

Routine Business: The president, president-elect, and past president overviewed highlights from their board reports. The executive director provided a presentation on the Academy's accomplishments since the Academy's 20th Anniversary. Board liaison reports were provided on the work of the AAAF, ABA, ACAE, and SAA. A chart of our current Academy representation to other groups and organizations was reviewed.