Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

A Collective Voice

In my inaugural AT column, President's Message, (July/August), I discussed how change is apparent on many fronts for audiology, and our response to that change is a collective choice. July marks the transitional period for a new leadership team for your Academy, and inherent to that process we embrace new faces and bid others farewell. As part of our leadership transition, and on behalf of all of my professional colleagues, I would first like to express our gratitude to the Academy's 23rd president, Deb Carlson, PhD, for her steadfast leadership, measured responsiveness, fairness, and tireless and exemplary service. Deb, your example will be a hard act to follow! We look forward to Deb's continued involvement as past president. Thanks, too, to outgoing past president, Therese Walden, AuD, for her many years of service, commitment, and dedication to our profession. Therese, we will miss your brilliance, passion, and enthusiasm for the profession and those whom you have served, and look forward to seeing where your leadership journey will take you next. A special thanks to our outgoing board members, David Zapala, PhD, and Tom Littman, PhD. Each of you have demonstrated great dedication and commitment during your respective board tenures, and the Academy appreciates each of you for your selfless service.

On behalf of the Academy, I also want to express our gratitude to the 2013 committee chairs who have completed their terms or are transitioning into other roles: Patricia Gaffney, PhD; Annette Burton, AuD; Sumit Dahr, PhD; Kathy Foltner, AuD; and Gail Whitelaw, PhD. The Academy's committees are responsible for ongoing member engagement and direction through their respective charges, and much of the work of our Academy is completed at this level. And, of course, we also thank the many members who served this year on our various committees, subcommittees, and task forces. You are to be commended for your efforts on behalf of your colleagues and profession. I invite you to take a few moments to acquaint yourself with those serving on our FY14 committees. They will need our support and cooperation on many fronts in the coming year to effectively move the profession forward.

Our incoming Academy leadership has been elected by you to be of service to you. We look forward with great anticipation to working with Erin Miller, PhD, in her role as president elect. Additionally, incoming board members at large Shilpi Banerjee, PhD; Samantha Lewis, PhD; Antony Joseph, AuD; and Jackie Clark, PhD, will join current sitting board members Devin McCaslin, PhD; Eileen Rall, AuD; Carol Cokely, PhD, Richard Roberts, PhD, and Patricia Gaffney, PhD, on the Academy’s 2014 Board of Directors. We congratulate all those selected to serve the Academy as Board of Directors, committee members, and committee chairs, and encourage those who have not yet participated in this capacity to indicate your willingness to do so.

Finally, I urge each of you to revisit and affirm your commitment to audiology American Academy of Audiology, the largest professional organization of, by, and for audiologists in the world. Membership renewal is a personal, yet collective choice. The choice to support the Academy through continued membership and service strengthens our collective voice. The more members that make the choice to renew and serve, the stronger that voice will be. Now more than ever, a clear voice reflecting common purpose, unity, and determination will be necessary to achieve our collective goals and ensure professional autonomy for ourselves and those who will follow in our footsteps.

Renew your membership and exercise your collective voice!