Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Collective Accountability—We Can’t Do It Without YOU!

For almost three decades, audiologists have grappled with our struggle for professional autonomy within the health-care system. As audiology morphed from a conjoined communication discipline to a separate hearing health-care profession, the American Academy of Audiology has led the charge, and been an overriding and positive influence on our political, educational, and professional battlefields.

As a profession, we still face significant challenges on many fronts, but the Academy has stayed the course in the face of changes related to Obamacare, service delivery models, consumer driven markets, reimbursement and access dilemmas, our own organizational leadership, and many other issues. In so doing, the largest organization in the world of, by, and for audiologists offers a value added proposition for its membership—and for the profession. Here’s how….

  • We are demonstrating the power of strength in numbers! At the close of 2013, the Academy had 12,022 members, which is a record for membership, and represents 14 years of year over year membership growth. An overwhelming majority of audiologists ascribe to and tangibly support the Academy’s mission. A growing international membership is indicative of the Academy’s commitment to and relevancy for strengthening our global presence and partnerships as well.
  • Your Academy is positively shaping and impacting every sector of our profession! In addition to the Academy’s educational, leadership, advocacy, research, and public awareness efforts, our A4 interdependent partners support and promote excellence within our profession in the areas of philanthropy, certification, accreditation, and student development, and these efforts have had a significant impact on many fronts.
  • In the face of the organizational wrangling that has plagued our profession, the Academy recognizes the difficulties inherent to organizational fragmentation, and is leading the way with ongoing and genuine efforts to effectively address this concern.
  • The Academy’s advocacy team, both volunteer and staff, gives voice to members’ perspectives at the national, regional, and local level to ensure your voice is heard. These include legislative, regulatory, and reimbursement related concerns and policies that impact your practice settings every single day. Make no mistake, the advocacy to obtain an independent seat for audiology on the RUC-HCPAC was successful solely due to the Academy’s persistent efforts, and will ensure that audiology’s representation in the reimbursement arena is consistent with other autonomous health-care professions.
  • The Academy’s focus on research and education offers unparalleled networking, educational sessions, research updates, and a host of innovative technologies, products, and services each year through many venues, including AudiologyNOW! The historic success of this event is evidenced by the fact that it remains the largest gathering of audiologists in the world today.
  • The Academy has led the charge in developing a “Culture of Audiology” encompassing all of us—individually and collectively. From obtaining a seat on the CPT-HCPAC panel to revising the SOC codes to address appropriate classification of audiology as an independent profession, the Academy and its membership have successfully completed many initiatives—both internal and external—to enhance the strategic positioning of our profession. These efforts will continue with works in progress, such as the development of a professional registry to assist in successfully defining, developing, and implementing our own standards, independently. The Academy is leading efforts to collect, organize, and analyze data from every sector of the field to improve hearing health-care outcomes, and arm our professionals with the necessary tools and information to function autonomously and successfully in our respective practice settings.

As the largest organization of, by, and for audiologists in the world today, we can enhance our collective bargaining power on all fronts by ensuring that the Academy’s voice is strong and powerful. It’s accountability time, however, and the Academy needs each of you to contribute your time and talents to our professional mission. There are no magic words or foolproof formulas to move our profession forward- only forward thinking, committed individuals. Want to be part of the solution? Consider serving on a committee, task force, or working group. Make sure your voice is heard by indicating your willingness to participate. Register to volunteer with your professional colleagues[[[FIX]]].