Let Me Hear from You

Let Me Hear from You

A True Sense of Pride--Looking Back from Then to Now 

By Patricia Kricos, PhD

As I focus on strategic priorities, I am struck by how many achievements we have made since our origin in 1988. Thanks to audiology visionaries who conceived and brought forth the world’s first organization of, by, and for audiologists, and subsequent leadership, staff, and volunteers, we have benefited substantially from the initiatives and endeavors of the American Academy of Audiology. Academy members should feel a great deal of pride in our organization’s resources, which will serve us well as we face the challenges of the future.

The Academy Founders laid the groundwork for where we are now, and where we hope to be in the future. The Academy has changed and matured over time and continues to evolve as our needs change. I hope that all members, including the thousands of you who are too young to have been involved with the Academy during its coming of age years, will appreciate the substantial contributions made by past Academy visionaries and presidents, as well as the remarkable transformations we are seeing now. An example of change: the first Academy convention was held in 1989, with approximately 600 attendees (I was one of them!). At AudiologyNOW!® 2010, this year’s convention in San Diego, there were 7,333 attendees.

But numbers and size don’t say it all. You have much reason to be proud of your Academy, given its many resources. Thanks in many respects to the remarkable early leadership that laid the Academy’s foundation, we have seen a steady growth in the resources available to us. I recommend you set aside 20-30 minutes from your busy work commitments to review the Academy’s Web site, as well as our How's Your Hearing: Ask an Audiologist consumer Web site. You will find substantial information, tools, and materials at your fingertips. If something is missing, please drop me a line. Caveat: It is quite possible that I will ask for your assistance to help develop the resources you request).

I hope that you will take pride in the efforts of our Academy’s visionaries, as well as those of our past and present leaders, volunteer members, and Academy staff. Further, I encourage you to offer suggestions for ways the Academy can continue its efforts to serve the profession.

In the Sept/Oct Audiology Today, I will describe the strategic planning endeavors that your elected officials, the Board of Directors, will be involved with this year. The Academy has grown in a purposeful and strategic manner, and most of our growth occurs because we have responded to members’ needs. If you have any thoughts about the past, present, or future of the Academy, please share them with me. The potential of our organization is almost limitless and we need your input to get from wonderful to our next level: phenomenal!