Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

AudiologyNOW! 2010 and April Board Meeting 

April is always the busiest month for the Academy, but this year we may have outdone ourselves. The first day of AudiologyNOW!® (Wednesday, April 14) gave us the second annual Academy Research Conference (ARC), which focused on aging and hearing health; a rehearsal for the AudiologyNOW! General Assembly (see our Chorus on YouTube!); learning labs, and a Celebrate Audiology Homerun Reception preceding a Padres baseball game. Full coverage of what audiologists experienced will be provided in Audiology Today. It all started, however, with the Board meeting on Tuesday, April 13. Following is a recap of that day’s business.

GOVERNANCE: President-elect Pat Kricos updated the board on the committee review process; new committee chairs have been appointed and will start their terms on July 1. Kricos also reported on the Academy’s strategic plan process. A task force has developed a member survey based on input from 25 “think tanks” (see “Project Audiology: A 2020 Vision,” Jan/Feb 2010 Audiology Today, page 8). This survey will be sent out in June, and will provide member-based data to the board as we refine our strategic plan.

MEGA ISSUE: Revenue. The Board considered a set of proposals designed to improve the Academy’s financial security. Discussion helped clarify priorities and risks; discussion about a final set of recommendations will be made at the next monthly conference call.

ASSESS/ADJUST STRATEGY: Kricos moved that the board accept an “American Medical Association (AMA) Scope of Practice Tool Kit” developed by the Government Relations Committee; motion carried.

POLICY: Secretary/Treasurer Gary Jacobson moved to approve minutes and the treasurer’s report; motion carried. On behalf of the Finance Committee, Jacobson also moved to approve the FY11 proposed budget; motion carried.

On behalf of the Ethical Practices Committee (EPC), Georgine Ray moved to accept a nominee pool for possible selection to serve on EPC; motion carried.

On behalf of the Membership Committee, Kim Barry moved that the following be accepted as Life Members: W. Max Setliff, PhD, Lia Shuster-Albom, MA, Linda Slattery, MS, Phillip Burney, AuD, John Gehm, AuD and Robert Schroeder, MS, Larry Olson, MA, Dean Garstecki, PhD, Gordon Stanfield, PhD, and Jacqueline Hartman, MA; motion carried.

English moved to approve the remaining committee reports and task force reports (the Consent Agenda); motion carried.

The meeting concluded with reports from the president (K. English), president-elect (P. Kricos), past president (Pat Feeney), executive director (Cheryl Kreider Carey), as well as from the Board liaisons to the AAA Foundation (P. Feeney), ABA (Karen Jacobs), ACAE (Larry Eng), and Student Academy of Audiology (President Virginia Best).

A closing word of thanks to the staff behind the scenes of AudiologyNOW! Academy members won’t be surprised to learn that planning a conference starts more than a year in advance (some details, such as site determination, are nailed down several years in advance). I wish I could describe how our staff uses organization, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking to improve our conference every year. Suffice it to say that the Academy employs the best professionals for this titanic task, and I have been honored to work with them.