Let Me Hear from You

Let Me Hear from You

Get on the Hearing Loop Bus 

The Road to Benefit, Use, and Satisfaction for Your Patients with Hearing Aids and/or Cochlear Implants

How can you get on the hearing loop bus? Its easy! Just register to attend the Second International Hearing Loop Conference, hosted by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), in collaboration with the American Academy of Audiology. Then drive (or fly) to the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Washington, DC. You will be within walking distance to the west of the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The dates for this terrific opportunity to learn more about hearing loops and telecoils are June 18-20, 2011. Since it will be summer, perhaps you might bring your family with you, so they can tour all of the wonderful historical sites in Washington, DC, while you learn how to maximize the use of hearing loops and telecoils to help your patients achieve blissful benefit, use, and satisfaction of their hearing devices.

Both the HLAA and the Academy support the use of a wide range of hearing assistive technology for people who have hearing loss. We anticipate that the day will come when hearing loops and telecoils are replaced with affordable smart assistive technology that can help people with hearing loss achieve even greater accessibility. Until then, it is our hope that audiologists will promote the use of looping and telecoils to help consumers obtain the best listening experiences possible. If you are interested in accessibility for people with hearing loss, and want to learn more about options for achieving it, then this is a conference you do not want to miss.

Hearing loop and telecoils do far more for your patients than make telephone conversations more pleasant and productive. If you loop your front office, your patients will be able to hear your receptionist, even if your waiting room is noisy. Another advantage of loops and telecoils is better television listening, which could probably save many marriages! Participation in places of worship, performance halls, civic buildings, even basketball stadiums, can be enhanced via looping.

I hope you will take advantage of this joint initiative of the Academy and the HLAA. The Looping Conference will include exhibits, intensive workshops, and panel discussions, as well as an off-site event for dinner on the Potomac River aboard the Spirit of Washington.

The conference will give you the opportunity to learn more about hearing loop technology, basic, complex and creative installation techniques, hearing loop technology from a user perspective, integration of loop technology with FM and infrared systems and the status of hearing loop installations in the United States and in other countries.

For registration information, visit HLAA Convention and/or 2nd International Hearing Loop Conference. What a fabulous way to learn how to help your patients get the most out of their hearing aids and/or cochlear implants! Help your patients get on the bus by achieving blissful benefit, use, and satisfaction with their hearing aids and/or cochlear implants through the use of telecoils and hearing loops.