Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear from You: July 2010 Board Meeting Highlights 

By Patricia Kricos, PhD

Greetings, members and other Academy stakeholders. Below is a recap of the July Academy Board of Director's meeting. If you have any thoughts or questions after reading the recap, please join me on a conference call scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 8:00—9:00 pm ET. I want to hear from you so you can share your ideas with me, especially as the board goes forward with planning for the Academy's future. Register for the "Talk with the President" conference call.

July 2010 Academy Board Meeting Recap

Thursday, July 15, 8:00 am

The board meeting began with a welcome to the three new board members and the new Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) president:

  • Bettie Borton, AuD, CEO/Director, Doctors Hearing Clinic, Montgomery, AL
  • Thomas A. Littman, PhD, Owner, Factoria Hearing Center, Bellevue, WA; Assistant Professor, University of Washington AuD Program
  • David Allen Zapala, PhD, Senior Consultant, Section of Audiology, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery/Audiology; Assistant Professor of Audiology, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
  • Ryan Bullock, SAA President, AuD student, Missouri State University at Springfield

Kris English was thanked for her service as Academy president for FY10, and presented with a plaque to honor her exemplary work. Following routine business (minutes, treasurer's report, etc.), the board focused on the following:

  • Review of board members' educational assignments regarding volunteer leadership, e.g., fiduciary stewardship and legal responsibilities, as a board member, etc.
  • In October, the board will be involved with one of its major projects, strategic planning. In preparation for this, the board has hired a firm to conduct an external scan. The external scan is a radar approach, involving detection of potential scientific, technical, economic, environmental, and political trends and events, which helps define the potential threats, opportunities, and changes that may impact the Academy in the future. The basic idea of the external scan is to prepare, rather than to react, which is important as the board makes strategic planning decisions.
  • 2011 Nominations Committee chaired by past president Kris English was approved: Bettie Borton, Rebekah Cunningham, Larry Eng, Gary Jacobson, Jane Madell, and John Coverstone.
  • Discussion of reports from: ACAE Task Force, Audit Committee, Ethical Practices Committee, Nomination Committee, Practice Policy Advisory Council, Professional Standards & Practices Committee, and the SAA Advisory Committee.

Friday, July 16, 7:00 am

The board had breakfast with Rep. Xavier Becerra (CA 31) at the Academy's Capitol Hill  office in Washington, DC. Rep. Becerra provided an inspiring mini-course on best practices for advocating on the Hill. Board members then visited congressional representatives to educate them about audiology and to ask for their support on our bills, such as Direct Access, Hearing Aid Task Credit, and the bipartisan 2010 Early Hearing Detection and Intervention bill, sponsored by Sen. Harkins (D-Iowa) and Sen. Snowe (R-Maine).

In the afternoon, the board reconvened at Academy headquarters in Reston, VA. Discussions included potential revenue sources to shore up the Academy's finances, given the gloomy economy, as well as a report from the SAA President, who described SAA's plans and activities. He reported that there are 44 SAA chapters and 1,300 members.

The meeting concluded with update reports from each of the Academy's A4 groups: the American Board of Audiology, the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education, the Student Academy of Audiology, and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation.

That concludes a quick update of the most recent board meeting. Please register for the "Talk to the President" conference call. I want to learn what your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions are.