Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

New Year's Resolution 

Happy New Year to all and here’s hoping that all of your resolutions have been successful so far! Besides the usual eat less, exercise more, and take time to smell the roses resolutions, I am also going to apply an Academy resolution: Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate. As president of the Academy, I often find myself focusing on issues, to-do lists, deadlines, etc. This focus during my presidency will continue, I can assure you, but I hope that I will also set more time aside to appreciate Academy members, the profession, my coworkers, Academy staff, and my fellow board members. It is the latter that I would like to address in this issue of AT E-News.

Your elected board members are absolutely awesome! In addition to working full-time in private practices, universities, hospitals, Veterans Affairs clinics, and universities, plus raising children, caring for elderly parents, and a myriad of other activities, there is rarely a day that board members are not involved in carrying out their responsibilities as elected Academy board members. Being an Academy board member involves far more than 12 face-to-face or conference call board meetings a year.

Each Academy board member serves as a board liaison to several Academy committees, task forces, and/or working groups. Each elected member reads countless documents, proposes new ideas, forms opinions, and listens open-mindedly to opinions of other board members, leaves personal agendas at home, brainstorms and plans for new resources and services that the Academy could provide to members while at the same time ensuring fiscal responsibility, combing through data to make evidence-based decisions, conducting strategic planning, and a myriad of other never-ending tasks and deadlines. Their payment for the intense work they do? $0, but also a great deal of satisfaction that they are helping to move the profession and the Academy forward in order to achieve the best future for both entities. I salute my fellow board members for their collaborative efforts and their can-do outlooks.

I wish you all a wonderful 2011! Because of its members, the Academy is strong, forward thinking, and sustainable. Your financial support and volunteerism are what strengthen the Academy. As we enter the New Year, take a moment to consider the many benefits the Academy provides you, and the incredible efforts made by volunteer committee chairs and members, the Board of Directors, and Academy staff.

Now with 11,344 members strong in 2011, you can continue to help the Academy grow and succeed by contributing to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation and the PAC, and by volunteering to serve on committees and task forces. Last but not least, participate in the upcoming elections for Academy board members and the new president-elect. It’s your Academy, and what better way to own it than to share the selection of new board members and leadership? Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming elections, and do your part to ensure the brightest future for audiology and the American Academy of Audiology.