Let Me Hear from You

Let Me Hear from You

October 2010 Board Meeting Highlights 

Greetings, members and other Academy stakeholders. Below is a recap of highlights from the October Academy Board meeting.

October 2010 Academy Board Meeting Recap (10/21/10 – 10/23/10)

One of the most stimulating portions of the board meeting occurred when the Forbes Group presented the results of the environmental scan they conducted for the board, using the STEEP model described in my September AT ENewsletter article. This process provides invaluable help in determining what external forces may affect the future of the Academy and the profession, and it will help us to determine the “preferred future” for the profession and the Academy. 

The “preferred future” will establish a set of outcomes that an organization such as ours will strive to achieve to get us to our desired destination. Sample preferred futures for an association such as ours might be “By 2015, the association will have a global reach; be sought out by policy makers in making decisions; and have defined evidence-based best practices that are promulgated to our members.” NOTE: These are only examples of a preferred future. Before a preferred future plan can be developed, the Academy board has considerable data to analyze, including the environmental scan data, the just completed Member Survey, and Project 2020 Vision Think Tank data. We will keep you posted as we go forward.

During the advocacy discussion, the board noted that members recently told us (through the Member Survey) that reimbursement and direct access to audiologic care are the top two issues. In consultation with the Academy’s lobbyists, the board determined that direct access should remain our top legislative goal. Additionally, the board established the Measure Development & Reporting Work Group that will coordinate quality measure development for the Academy.

An important part of an Academy board meeting is to review motions that have been put forth by our superb, dedicated committee and task force chairs. The following list highlights some of the motions that were approved by the board over the three-day meeting:

  • Approved Karen Jacobs as the AudiologyNOW 2012 Program Chair
  • Accepted the FY10 Audited Financials.
  • Approved addition of the following to the BEST Committee charge: “Monitor and update existing resources as necessary to keep them current.”
  • Approved addition of the following to the State Network Committee: “Be a resource for Academy committees to coordinate and disseminate information to the State Leader Network in support of Academy initiatives such as advocacy, audiology awareness, etc.”
  • Approved the Strategic Documents Committee’s Auditory Integration Training position statement
  • Approved the DiscovEARy Zone Task Force motion for a change to establish: DiscovEARy Zone Subcommittee of the AudiologyNOW! Program Committee.

Another highlight at the board meeting was a four-hour, lively and productive meeting with Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE) leadership. After much discussion, it was decided that representatives from each group (Academy board and ACAE) would continue to discuss options to work toward a solution to the challenges faced by the ACAE and the Academy in advancing accreditation of, for and by audiologists. We will keep you posted on this issue that is so important to all of us.

This concludes a brief, recap of our deliberations at the most recent board meeting. As always, I welcome your input and suggestions.