Let Me Hear From You

Let Me Hear From You

A Powerful Team

The focus of my first President's Message in the July/August AT was on the power of teamwork. What the Academy has accomplished in its short 27-year history would not have been possible without powerful "teams" every step of the way. Each year on Founder's Day, we acknowledge and thank a team of visionary leaders who helped set the course for the Academy, an association that is of, by, and for audiologists. My first column in the AT E-newsletter this July is an opportunity to publicly recognize and thank those individuals who have supported our Academy teams and given so graciously of their time and talents over the past year.

On behalf of the Academy membership, let me first thank Bettie Borton, AuD, the 24th president of the Academy. Your dedication and enthusiasm for the profession, as well as your candor and willingness to do what is necessary to move the profession and the Academy forward are commendable. We have one more year to tap into your experience and energy as you serve in your role as immediate past president. Many thanks to our outgoing past president, Deb Carlson, PhD, for six years of service on the Academy board. Both as a board member, and as president of the Academy, Deb has demonstrated steady and thoughtful leadership. We will miss your measured and fair approach. Your many years of service to the Academy and the profession are admirable and while we recognize your service on the board of directors has concluded, I know we can count on your continued support of the Academy's mission. A final thanks to our outgoing board members, Samantha Lewis, PhD; Devin McCaslin, PhD; and Eileen Rall, PhD. Your commitment during your tenure on the board of directors is much appreciated. Each of you is highly regarded by your fellow board members and the Academy membership at large. I am grateful you have already taken on Academy projects in the coming year to advance the profession of audiology.

In addition to bidding farewell to fellow board members, I also want to express gratitude to the 2013–2014 committee chairs who have completed their service: Brenna Carroll, AuD; John Coverstone, AuD; Linda Hood, PhD; Angela Pond, AuD; and Georgine Ray, AuD. Your leadership on our Academy committee "teams" was outstanding. We understand that the committee chairs and their team members, accomplish much of the work that will allow the profession to realize our preferred futures. Thanks also to the many Academy members who served on committees, subcommittees, task forces and working groups this past year. Your efforts on behalf of your colleagues and profession are impressive.

It is now my pleasure to welcome some of our new Academy team members. We welcome Larry Eng, AuD, back to the board as he serves in his role as president-elect. Lisa Christensen, AuD; Dan Ostergren, AuD; and Todd Ricketts, PhD, are the newly elected board members-at-large who will join our current sitting board members Shilpi Banerjee, PhD; Jackie Clark, PhD; Carol Cokely, PhD; Tish Gaffney, AuD; Antony Joseph, PhD, AuD; and Richard Roberts, PhD. Each of these individuals has been selected by you, the Academy membership, to guide the Academy during the coming year. I am confident they will serve you well. To our new committee chairs, Kayce Bramble, AuD; Adam Mehlenbacher, AuD; Mindy Brudereck, AuD; Gabrielle Saunders, PhD; and Helena Solodar, AuD—thank you for accepting these new leadership roles and we look forward to working with all of our new Academy "team" leaders.

My final thanks is to each of you, the members of the largest professional organization of, by, and for audiologists in the world and what I refer to as "Team Audiology." Our potential is immense with your continued support. I appreciate you indulging me in this first column to thank those individuals who have and/or will be serving the Academy in the coming year. Each of these volunteers gives unselfishly of their time, with very little recognition. When given the opportunity, I hope you will thank them for their service to the profession and consider how you might contribute your talents to our Academy and the profession. This first column is actually a reminder and invitation to "Let Me Hear from You." If you have a suggestion or a comment to share, this is your invitation to do so. I am excited to serve as your 25th president of the Academy and look forward to meeting many of you throughout the coming year.