Let Me Hear From You: Your Academy Board at Work

Let Me Hear From You: Your Academy Board at Work

Your Academy Board at Work

July is an exciting time for the Academy, with the first meeting of the Board of Directors held at Academy headquarters in Reston, Virginia, on July 17–19, 2014.

The board leadership, President-Elect Larry Eng, Past President Bettie Borton, and I, arrived a day early to hold a summit with the leadership of our Academy partners—the American Academy of Audiology Foundation (AAAF), the American Board of Audiology (ABA), the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE), and the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA). Angela Shoup, chair of the AAAF, Mindy Brudereck, chair of ABA, Catherine Palmer, vice chair of ACAE, Laura Chenier, president of SAA, and their staff leadership, met to discuss how to best maximize our collective partnerships. Some topics of discussion included how to ensure consistency and excellence across clinical education sites, and what materials could be developed to help both members and students understand the individual missions of these interdependent organizations. The team leaders left with several tangible ideas to take back to their respective boards that would allow for a more cohesive collaboration amongst the partners.

The board meeting was called to order early on Thursday morning, July 17, and President-Elect Larry Eng and our three new board members—Lisa Christensen, Dan Ostergren, and Todd Ricketts—were welcomed. Past President Bettie Borton was recognized for her leadership over the past year. We started the day with a fun team building exercise and then got down to the work at hand. The leadership of our Academy partners—the AAAF, ABA, ACAE, and SAA—each provided an update to the board focusing on one major accomplishment of the past year and one major goal for the coming year. The board was excited to hear updates regarding ABA’s practice analysis, several more programs in process of or expressing significant interest in ACAE accreditation, the AAAF goals to increase the percentage of Academy members contributing to the Foundation, and SAA’s involvement in the 2014 Special Olympics in New Jersey, just to name a few. Our partners are hard at work advancing their individual missions but collectively their good works advance the profession of audiology.

Thursday afternoon the board completed routine business, including approval of past board meeting minutes and financial reports. We also approved Dan Ostergren as the new member of the audit committee. The interim executive director reviewed the Academy Dashboard, which helps the board assess the Academy’s strategy and monitor our financial position relative to established benchmarks and success over the past few years.

We reconvened on Friday morning with a governance presentation by legal counsel, Thomas Daly, Esq., of Odin, Feldman and Pittleman. Tom provided an overview of the board member’s fiduciary and legal responsibilities. The board approved the nominations committee, which is chaired by Past President Bettie Borton. The nominations committee includes past board member Devin McCaslin (Term ending June, 2014), current board members Tish Gaffney (2015), Jackie Clark (2016), Dan Ostergren (2017), and members-at-large Jay Hall and Georgine Ray. NOTE: This committee is accepting nominations for next year’s (FY 2015) new board members and president-elect.

The board had an opportunity to teleconference with our committee chairs late on Friday morning. We reviewed committee policy, answered questions, and had an opportunity to thank them personally for their committee leadership as well as acknowledge the work they do on behalf of the profession.

Academy members will soon have an opportunity to comment on the Practice Guideline for Adult Patients with Severe-to-Profound Unilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss. The board approved the document for both select and widespread peer review. Stay tuned for more information about reviewing this document. A Governance Document Working Group, consisting of several members of the board of directors, completed its work on updating the few remaining sections of the Academy’s Policies and Procedures. These sections were approved by the board.

Hopefully this provides a “taste” of the board’s work at its most recent board meeting. Additional information and other board business will be available in the board meeting summary that will be posted to the Board of Director’s page on the Academy Web site. If you have any questions, let me hear from you! I look forward to visiting with our members in Florida at the Florida Academy of Audiology meeting in early August.

Until next time…