Board Identifies Priority Initiatives

Board Identifies Priority Initiatives

Message from the President: Jackie Clark, PhD

July 27, 2018

Earlier this month, the Academy board of directors had the opportunity to meet over a four-day period at the Academy headquarters in Reston for our annual strategic visioning retreat. We had the good fortune to have each of our new council chairs, along with the representatives of the partner boards, join us during part of the retreat specifically to engage in discussions about our governance structure, current initiatives, and priorities for the year ahead. Though we spent four full days in meetings, our discussions remained highly energized and enlightening; once again validating the importance of assembling collective talents and wisdom of our member volunteers.

Such expanded perspectives shared during the meeting were vitally important and shaped the board’s continued deliberation about the needed positioning of the Academy to benefit our members and the profession. The board reflected on the feedback from members over this past year, as well as considered the status of audiology within the health-care landscape. We recognize the importance of being more impactful in a few areas to benefit more broadly the membership at large. We also recognize the responsibility to be the best stewards of our organizational resources. To those ends, the board identified a commitment to narrowly focus our activities for the year ahead with laser precision in a limited number of priority areas. Let me share with you, in broad terms, those areas identified by the board.

  • Communications: To develop a communications strategy that will guide the Academy in delivering timely, consistent, transparent, and relevant messaging within the Academy and across all Academy outreach platforms. This will involve analyzing our current outreach platforms and IT structure, as well as enhancing communications with and between members.
  • Membership: To investigate creative ways of retaining and growing our membership base by exploring unique ways in expanding our influence to best serve specific member targets.
  • Certification: To uphold the Academy’s commitment to certification by focusing on expanding, enhancing, and adapting our certification programs as the needs of our profession continues to change. We will address the value proposition of certification and determine how to make it more accessible to a greater number of members. 
  • Public Awareness: To widely engage members in the Academy’s October (National Audiology Awareness Month) public awareness activities as well as focus efforts primarily on outreach to referring providers.
  • Advocacy: To coalesce a common policy agenda among stakeholders and use this to develop and support a single audiology legislative effort that meets the Academy’s priorities to reduce regulation and expense while advancing the audiology profession. We will start these efforts with a policy summit in October.

Over the weeks ahead, our councils and committees will continue to be instrumental in shaping activities to support these priority areas. We will communicate with you further as those plans take shape. As well, our volunteers and staff will continue to support the herculean efforts already underway in “business as usual.”

The board welcomes constructive feedback and encourages members to be ready to engage in all of our new and continuing activities over the year ahead.