Let Me Hear from You: Celebrate Audiology

Let Me Hear from You: Celebrate Audiology

It has been four months since taking office as your president, so I want to share what your Academy has been doing over that time. The Academy’s committees have just recently completed their workplans for this year, which is later than our normal end time for workplan development. That extended effort was a side effect of an unavoidable but necessary delay in completing the final budget for this year. The Academy entered the year with a new financial management team and implemented updated accounting controls. At the same time, we had to take a hard look at realigning the budget for our programs and initiatives. The board’s next task is to assess our relationships with all the partners to assure that the current mission of each partner is still in alignment with the Academy’s mission and address the needs of the profession. 

This month is National Audiology Awareness month. Please take this opportunity to go to the Academy Web site and check out the tools and resources created by the Public Relations Committee. Resources and tools include fact sheets, posters, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, and much more. These tools may be used in your private practices, clinics, community presentations and “lunch-and-learn” talks for physicians.  

This year, we also encourage all of our members to join colleagues all over the world in celebrating Audiologists Day, October 10. The VII World Hearing Aids and Implants Symposium, hosted by the Turkish Society of Audiology & Speech-Voice, will be held in Istanbul on October 9-11, 2015. As part of the opening, I was asked by Ozlem Konukseven, MD, PhD, president of the Turkey Society of Audiology & Speech-Voice, to submit a video representing audiologists in United States wishing everyone a “Happy Audiologists Day. Helping the world to hear.” The video will be combined with similar greetings from audiology organizations from all over the world and shown at the symposium’s opening session. You can check out their Facebook page by searching “Audiologistsday.”

ICD-10 is well on its way, and many of you may have questions about the new coding procedures. The Coding and Reimbursement Committee has established a dedicated e-mail address where members may pose questions related to ICD-10. The e-mail address is monitored by the committee and questions are answered by expert members of the committee. The Academy also offers a valuable on-demand eAudiology Webinar that addresses the ICD-10 transition.

Thanks to all of you who wrote support letters on behalf of the EDHI bill, which passed this past September. We still need letters opposing the “fit to serve” legislation, so if you have not had an opportunity to contact your member of congress through the Legislative Action Center by either e-mail or by sending a letter, please take the opportunity to do so now. Our government relations staff along with the Government Relations Committee has made it easy for working clinicians to create and send opposition and support letters on many topics to your own legislators. The process typically requires only five minutes or less to complete.

In closing, I would like to ask all of you to think about what you need and expect from your Academy. The board welcomes your input, and I encourage you to e-mail me or any board member with your suggestions and comments.