Let Me Hear from You: Spinning Plates Is a Balancing Act

Let Me Hear from You: Spinning Plates Is a Balancing Act

Message from the President: Lisa Christensen, AuD

December 2018

Season’s Greetings!

As we draw toward the end of 2018, I want to thank you all for your membership and continued support of our Academy. This has truly been an unforgettable year with lots of opportunities for growth for our Academy and our profession.

This time of year is often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year with holidays full of family, friends, and holiday parties. However, many often experience some overwhelming times balancing work and professional lives. One of my colleagues recently forwarded me a blog on ‘Spinning Plate Syndrome and Becoming a Spinning Master’ by livingflowblog957. It seems fitting for this time of year.

So many of us are spinning multiple plates in the terms of emails, voicemails, text messages, social media, work, home, family, and friends. The author describes many of our daily annoyances in terms of plates. Clutter was described as a plate that slows you down, cluelessness is a plate that trips you up, complaining is a plate that saps energy, and criticizing is a plate that alienates.  But there are also plates we want to continue to spin, such as, praising plates that uplift, gratitude plates that give, wonderment plates that inspire, and forgiveness plates that relieve.

No matter which plates you are spinning personally or professionally the author warns of potential dangers of overspinning or underspinning each of our many plates. Overspinning is typically a sign of a chronic plate spinner. These individuals spin to be accepted and successful but also out of fear of failing. Underspinners were described as a ‘refugee of spinning plate wars’ meaning they are tired, depressed, and derailed.

When I read this I could easily find myself in the descriptions along with many of my fellow audiologists. Spinning plates is balancing act (pun intended for our vestibular friends) and I know that many of us spin many plates daily as audiologists. I want to thank all of you for including our profession and this Academy in your many spinning plates. I know that many of you are master spinners and spin by choice with a high skill level. My wish for all of you during this holiday season is to continue spinning those plates of audiology but to also remember to keep the plates of integrity, joy, happiness, and kindness spinning daily. 

Lisa Christensen, AuD
(Twitter handle: @AuDLeadership)