Todd A. Ricketts, PhD

Todd A. Ricketts, PhD

Todd A. Ricketts, PhDDirector of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

BA: Hearing and Speech Sciences, University of Iowa, 1989
MA: Hearing and Speech Sciences, University of Iowa, 1991
PhD: Hearing and Speech Sciences, University of Iowa, 1995

Position Statement
Even though we are a relatively small group, the future of our Academy is very bright. Because we are small in number, I believe we can be most effective if we focus on a limited set of priorities and engage partners outside the Academy, to increase the volume of our professional voice. One important priority is ensuring that we keep pace with rapid changes facing our profession. This rapid and unrelenting pace of change is one of the most rewarding, stimulating, and sometimes challenging aspects of our field. New and surprising research findings, the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, and the push for greater availability and accessibility, propel us forward. Rather than just adapting, we must be forward thinking and continue to enhance our leadership role at the forefront of changes related to telemedicine, automated testing, audiology assistants and other potential progress. We must uphold our recent tradition of strong, evidenced-based practice standards, so we are can continue to rigorously advocate  for our profession as the recognized hearing and balance health-care providers. Current and past boards have worked tirelessly to ensure that policymakers and other partners recognize the importance of audiologists' full scope of practice, while improving billing codes and reimbursement. These efforts must continue with a strong, perseverant academy voice. I am excited and optimistic about our future and believe focusing on collaborations that lead to improved visibility and economic benefits, demonstrating leadership related to changing technologies and service delivery models, and vigilantly updating and following evidenced based standards of practice will further elevate our profession to even higher levels.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Hearing Aids
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Hearing Habilitation 

Fellow of the American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2006; Editors Award from the American Journal of Audiology, 2008; Mentor for Erin Picou, National Institute of Health Student Poster Award 2009 & 2010; Mentor for Hannah Kim, Jerger Awards for Excellence in Student Research 2011.

Professional Activities
Vanderbilt University, Director, Dan Maddox Hearing Aid Research Laboratory, Bill Wilkerson Center for Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences, 1999–present; Institutional Review Board: Behavioral Sciences Committee Chair, 2004– 2011; Associate Professor of Audiology, 2004–present; Director of AuD Education, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, 2009–present; Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, 2011–present; American Academy of Audiology, Research Committee, 2002–2005; Hearing Aid Fitting Standards Committee, 2003–2005; Chair, Hearing Aids Featured Sessions Committee, Annual Convention, 2003; Chair, Exhibitor Courses Committee, AudiologyNow!, Annual convention, 2007; Chair, Academic Education sub-committee, 2007–2009; Planning Committee,  Academy's Summit 2009: Gold Standards in Audiology Education Committee Member, Task Force on Hearing Aid Delivery Service Models, 2008–2010; Pediatric Hearing Aid Task Force, 2009–2010; Academy's Voting Member representative to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Electronics Commission (IEC), 2012–present; International Hearing Aid Conference (IHCON) Steering Committee 2008–2010; Technical Chair, 2010–2012; American Auditory Society, Program Committee, Annual Convention, 2003; 2006; American Speech Language-Hearing Association, Audiology Practice and Curriculum Analysis, Subject Matter Expert Panel. Development of the 2007 New Audiologist Preparedness Survey for Praxis and CAA.