Jackie L. Clark, PhD, Board Certified in Audiology

Jackie L. Clark, PhD, Board Certified in Audiology

President-Elect Nominee

Clinical Associate Professor; Univeristy of Texas at Dallas/Callier Center, Dallas, TX
Private Practice Owner; Cedar Creek Hearing Center, Tool, TX
Managing Editor; International Journal of Audiology, Dallas, TX

BS: Textile Science, Merchandising
MS: Communication Disorders (Dual Major: Audiology & Speech Pathology)
PhD: Human Development and Communication Sciences
Position Statement
It is an honor to be considered for president-elect of the American Academy of Audiology. I consistently hear “things are changing in audiology.” Unquestionably, the American Academy of Audiology is the preeminent, beacon organization recognized globally as an authoritative and strategic guide to address the needs for the many unique demands and charms of our profession. With strategic and laser-focused planning, along with innovative implementation, our diverse profession of audiology will change for the better, especially when we focus on these foundational issues:

  • Continue to work collegially with our partners so that the profession of audiology is speaking with a unified voice, rather than sending contradictory opinions. Our beacon is more powerfully emitted when the source is in the elevated position of diplomacy and integrity.
  • Credibility for our long-term advancement through
    --Accreditation of quality audiology programs that are reviewed/monitored only by audiologists through ACAE.
    --Voluntary professional certification through ABA certification demonstrates attainment of high levels of ethics and continual learning.

As a profession, we can become paralyzed or energized by the challenges inherent with change. I believe our only way to address these challenges is by assertively advocating for our profession and NOT abdicating our responsibilities for ourselves, patients, and consumers to others.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Humanitarian Audiology
  • Providing Community Based Services in under resourced areas
  • Speech in Noise Assessment
  • Influence of Cognition on Hearing Status
  • Pediatric Audiology
  • Genetics
  • Telepractice
  • Amplification
  • Demographics and Epidemiology of Hearing Loss

Honors and Awards
American Academy of Audiology, Humanitarian of the Year Award; Awarded Research Scholar, University of The Witwatersrand, South Africa, School of Speech and Hearing Therapy;  
Recipient, Scott Haug Foundation Audiology Grant; UT Dallas: Excellence in Education Fund: Research Project “Electrophysiologic correlates to auditory processing”; UT Dallas: Excellence in Education Fund: Research Project “ Ototoxicity monitoring of at risk patients within a Rehabilitation Facility”; Recipient Lear Ashmore Research Grant awarded through Texas Speech- Language-Hearing Association; Honored as Best of 1999 articles written for clinical audiology, “Clark, J.L., Dybala, P.D., Moushegian, G.  Real ear characteristics of the ALGO2ª Acoustic Transducer Assembly. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 9:426–433”

Professional Activities
American Board of Audiology, Board of Governors (Ex-Officio Board Member), 2014–Present; American Academy of Audiology, Member at Large, Board of Directors, 2013–Present, Honors Committee Member, 2007–2009, 2011–2013, Task Force Member for Humanitarian Concerns, 2008–2009, AudiologyNOW! Program Committee Member, 2007; Texas Academy of Audiology President-Elect, 2012, President, 2013, Past President, 2014, Director of Publications (Ex-Officio Board Member), 2001–2010; World Health Organization Deafness Program, Working Groups and Task Forces, 2011–Present; Coalition for Global Hearing Health Foundation, Co-founding Director, 2007–Present; International Society of Audiology, Humanitarian Audiologists Chair, 2004–Present