Changing Your Listserv Settings

Changing Your Listserv Settings

Due to members “sounding off” about listserv mailings flooding their inbox, the Academy has researched the technology and found a solution. You may now opt out of listserv messages landing in your inbox and still participate with the listservs. Among your options, you may choose

  • To keep receiving your listserv email as usual, or
  • To receive a daily digest of postings-one email per day containing all correspondence from that day, or
  • To receive no email, and access the postings directly on the listserv website at your convenience.

To change how you view listserv mail:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the list you wish to change your settings on (SoundOFF, StudentAcademy, etc.)
  3. Enter the email address you used to subscribe to the list
  4. Go to the “My Account” tab on the left-hand side
  5. Under the Essentials tab, look at the “Membership Type.”
  6. Use the drop down menu to select how you wish to receive messages (Daily Digest, No Email, etc.)
  7. Hit “Save Changes” button on lower right-hand side.
    • If you have selected to receive no email, you will have to login to the above URL in order to view messages.

NOTE: Each listserv functions separately. If you participate in more than one listserv, you may choose different delivery options for each. If you wish to have the same delivery option for all listservs, you must make the changes in each listserv page yourself. If you have questions, please contact Kevin Willmann