Formatting for Plain Text E-mail

Formatting for Plain Text E-mail

Due to the emergence of viruses encoded into HTML messages, we now block all html-formatted messages in an effort to protect our lists from re-distributing these types of viruses to our members. To send a message to a listserv, please make sure you send it in a Plain Text Format. You'll find helpful tips and instructions for Formatting in Plain Text below:

Eudora Pro Users

If you are using Euroda as your e-mail client, please read the following solution file from Eudora:

Outlook and Outlook Express Users

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express as your e-mail software, please be aware that Outlook and Outlook Express format all messages to be sent in HTML format by default. The easiest way to post a message when using Outlook Express, is to select "Format" from the menu bar and then click on "Plain Text". It will pop up a box asking you to confirm that you really want to change the format of the message. Confirm the message by clicking yes, and then send your message as normal. You will need to do this for each message you send to a listserv.

Note: Signatures with fonts other than the default plain text fonts, or graphics, logos, etc will cause the "plain text" selection to be overridden and will force the message back into HTML format.

Miscellaneous Information

Other e-mail programs can be configured within the software or on the server to send messages in HTML. If you are using another email program, please consult your software's "Help" feature or documentation to learn to send your messages in plain text format.