Coding and Reimbursement Committee

Coding and Reimbursement Committee


  • Identify and monitor coding and reimbursement issues that impact upon the profession of audiology
  • Provide input regarding coding and reimbursement regulatory issues and develop strategies and recommendations to effect change
  • Collaborate with other industry stakeholders on coding, coverage and payment policy issues to influence desired outcomes
  • Communicate coding and reimbursement related information to members
  • Develop and provide coding and reimbursement related resources for members
  • Communicate to the membership compliance regulations, statutes, and rules that impact the practice of audiology
  • Provide resources to assist audiologists in maintaining compliance with existing and new requirements; and,
  • Include staff liaison and council chair in communications.

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Chair: Anna Jilla, AuD
  Alyssa Needleman, PhD, Co-Chair
Members:  Jodi Baxter, AuD, Ex-Officio
  Kadyn Williams, AuD, Ex-Officio
  Christine Brown, AuD
  Mariah Cheyney, AuD
  Jennifer Frank, AuD
  Kristiina Huckabay, AuD
  Nancy McLellan, AuD
  Andrea Gohmert, MS
  Richard Tyler, PhD
  Goldie Pappan, AuD 
  Bridget Shanahan, AuD
  Brandy Stephens, AuD
  Susan Von Dollen, AuD
Board Liaison: Angela Shoup, PhD
Student Member:  Emma Beaver
Staff Liaison: Carrie Kovar


  • AQC Task Force


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