Practice Policy Advisory Committee

Practice Policy Advisory Committee


  • Maintain a presence at the AMA RUC and CPT Editorial Panel
  • Develop, revise and or delete CPT codes at the CPT Editorial Panel and organize, promote and protect the valuation of audiology procedures at the AMA RUC. To facilitate these activities, the PPAC will share information with and seek input from other audiology organizations who may be affected by these changes
  • Review governmental policies affecting payment and professional autonomy in consort with the Advocacy Council and other Academy stakeholders; and,
  • Include staff liaison and council chair in communications.


Chair: Kadyn Williams, AuD
Members:  Jodi Baxter, AuD, Ex-Officio
  Tracy Murphy, AuD
  Annette Burton, AuD
  Alan Desmond, AuD
  Adam Mehlenbacher, AuD
  Erin Miller, AuD
  Paul Pessis, AuD
  Brad Stach, PhD
  Patricia Gaffney, AuD
Board Liaison: Angela Shoup, PhD
Student Member: Ellen Scarborough
Staff Liaison: Carrie Kovar
  Denise Garris


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