COVID-19 State and Local Policy Dashboard

COVID-19 State and Local Policy Dashboard

March 24, 2020 State Relations News

To monitor the response of state and local governments to the coronavirus, you can access a free resource created by MultiState Associates.

The COVID-19 State and Local Policy Dashboard provides a quick and easy reference to updates and information issued by state and key local agencies and policymakers (updated daily).

Toggle between the tabs in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

The tabs are organized as follows:

  • Tab 1: Main state-level information and activity, such as links to health department COVID-19 websites, key contacts, state of emergency declarations, executive orders, changes to legislative sessions, travel restrictions, and official Twitter accounts.
  • Tab 2: Additional state-level activity, such as limits on mass gatherings, school closures, mandatory curfews, restaurant and retail closures, and more. 
  • Tab 3:  Main local-level information and activity, in the same format as Tab 1.
  • Tab 4: Additional local-level activity, in a similar format as Tab 2.

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