Key Contacts Initiative

Key Contacts Initiative

At AudiologyNOW!® 2009 in Dallas, the Government Relations Committee (GRC) hosted its first ever Advocacy Summit and began identifying and training key contacts for advancing the Academy’s legislative and policy initiatives. A key contact reaches out to their member of Congress, builds a relationship with the legislator and his or her staff, and establishes their position as the "go-to" person in the Congressional district for audiology related questions. The GRC has been working to expand this grassroots network of audiology advocates and has developed a number of materials to help Academy members get started as a key contacts.

The Academy hopes to expand this program to all 435 congressional districts, so if you would like to get involved or have a connection to your member of Congress, contact Kate Thomas, senior manager of government relations (202-544-9336).

Advocacy Materials

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Resources for State and Local Advocates

For those wishing to advocate on the state and local level, many of these materials can also be used for this purpose. These resources can be used to guide you in navigating the state legislative process. As each state is different, your state legislature's Web site and state licensure board Web site can also serve as helpful resources in exacting legislative change on the state and local level.