Plans Underway to Develop an Audiology Multistate Licensure Compact

Plans Underway to Develop an Audiology Multistate Licensure Compact

November 28, 2017 Government Relations News

In 2016, the National Council of State Boards of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (NCSB) formally began the multi-stage process for developing an audiology licensure compact.  The NCSB has been working with the National Center for Interstate Compacts (NCIC), which is part of the Council of State Governments (CSG). The NCIC is leading the initiative, having similarly worked with nursing, medicine, physical therapy, ENTs, and others.

The Academy has taken an active interest in this process and remains engaged in the development and implementation of a multistate licensure compact for audiology. Currently, the NCIC is in the initial stage of this multi-stage approach. They have convened an advisory group comprised of subject matter experts, licensure board representatives, and public officials to begin reviewing other compacts and materials necessary for developing recommendations and language for the audiology compact. A listing of those advisory group members is provided below.  A drafting team will use these recommendations to prepare compact language and return it to the advisory group and stakeholders for comment.  The drafting team will then incorporate feedback and return the language again to the advisory group for input.   The next phase involves outreach to state governments to pass the compact once developed. The final phase requires states that adopt the compact to establish rules and bylaws.

The NCIC hopes to convene regular meetings of the advisory group with the goal of proceeding in 2018 to complete formal recommendations sometime this spring.  The NCIC continues to reach out to groups, like the Academy to provide updates and seek feedback when necessary. Though the development of the multistate licensure compact for audiology is in the initial stages, the Academy looks forward to being a part of this important project.

Advisory Group Members

Title Last Name First Name Organization
Sen. Gallo Hanna Rhode Island State Senate
Sen. Pappas Stephan Wyoming State Senate
Dr. Ross Miranda Georgia Board
Dr. Riquelme Luis New York Board
Dr. Sancibrian Sherry Texas Board
  Lidgard Julia Utah Board
Dr. Cuneo Florence Alabama Board
  Beauregard Marcus Dept of Defense
Dr. Phillips Kerri NCSB - Louisiana
  Kalfas Nahale North Carolina Board
  Thornton Gregg Ohio Board
  Haag Erin Oregon Board
  Pajak Nancy Wyoming Board – MS, CCC-A
Dr. Sloan John Maryland Board
Dr. Cram Richard New Mexico State Board

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