Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PAC?

“PAC” stands for Political Action Committee. The Academy formed a PAC to raise and contribute money to the campaigns of candidates supportive of audiology issues.

The purpose of the Academy’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is to support policy goals important to audiologists and the practice of audiology through the support of candidates for elective office; to promote better understanding among elected officials of the unique and important role of audiology in the delivery of high quality health care to patients; and to assist audiologists and others in organizing themselves for effective political action.

Why does the Academy have a PAC?

The Academy has identified a number of legislative priorities that we work to advance in Congress. In order to promote our initiatives and participate in the political process, the profession must contribute to federal candidates, i.e., supporters of our legislation.

Who can contribute to the PAC?

This is known as the “restricted class.” This includes non-international members of the Academy, Academy staff, and the families of both groups. By law, we may not solicit or accept contributions from those outside of the restricted class.

Where does the money go?

Every dollar of PAC money goes directly to campaign committees of candidates that the PAC Advisory Board and staff determine to be supportive of audiology issues or prospective supporters. It does not go to postage, operating costs, supplies, etc.

How does a member make a contribution?

  • Online
  • Over the telephone: Call Kate Thomas in the Capitol Hill Office at 202-544-9336.
  • Through the mail: Send a check addressed to the AAA, Inc. PAC to the Academy headquarters in Reston, VA.
  • We accept personal checks, personal credit cards (no corporate) and cash (under $100).
  • A member may also sign-up for our monthly automatic debit program. (Contact Kate Thomas or 202-544-9336)

Can I use my corporate card and write it off as a business expense?

No, contributions must be personal and voluntary (your employer cannot force you to make a contribution). A “corporate contribution” is considered anything from an incorporated organization. Contributions to the PAC are also not tax-deductible, so they cannot be written-off. Our PAC may accept $5,000 per year from any one contributor.