PAC Advisory Board

PAC Advisory Board

The PAC Advisory Board oversees fundraising initiatives and disbursements related to the PAC. The Board has a number of long-term and short-term goals designed to elevate the profession within the political arena.

Long-Term Goals:

  • Develop the PAC into a self-sustaining entity by creating a culture of giving within the Academy community.
  • Continue ongoing education of membership about political issues that affect the profession of audiology -- the issues that drive PAC contributions.
  • Continue ongoing education of congressional members and staff about audiology issues affecting Academy members.

Short-Term Goals:

  • Continue educating the membership about PAC activities and the necessity of their continued support.
  • Generate additional PAC contributions through the Academy Conference and activities.
  • Increase the number of individuals contributing to the PAC on an ongoing basis.

Current PAC Advisory Board Members