State Leaders Network

State Leaders Network

The American Academy of Audiology has prepared a list of members who are leaders from the field of audiology in their respective states. These audiologists have agreed to serve as the contact person for their state in a network of State Audiology Leaders. These persons may be the president of the state's audiology Association or Academy, the Audiology leader of the State Speech and Hearing Association or someone active in promoting audiology issues at the state level.It is our hope the State Leaders Network will serve as a conduit for information from the Academy to the state organizations, as a network for individual audiologists to communicate with their state leaders, and for communications between and among states and state leaders on issues that concern audiologists. We hope that information can be shared concerning state licensure, billing and reimbursement, newborn hearing screening, current state or federal legislation, or any other audiology topics that are concerning audiologists. We have not identified a contact person for all states and we would welcome suggestions or volunteers from the states where no leader is currently listed. Volunteers for states with no current contact person can e-mail Marcia Raggio.

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State Leaders' Handbook

State Leaders' Handbook : This useful handbook provides information to help states start their own state academy and develop programs year round. This handbook has been updated by the Academy State Network Committee. Comments regarding the handbook can be sent to the Chair by clicking on 'View State Network Committee Members' below.

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