Bre Myers

Bre Myers

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I’m An Audiologist. Come Again? The Public Un-Awareness of Audiology

Audiologists possess amazing knowledge and skills that can change someone’s life, but we have had a difficult time spreading the word. The work we do day in and day out can truly enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve. But, the messaging to the general public has been limited and ineffective, thereby reducing the number of people who seek our care.  

There is a lack of public awareness of the audiology profession. We can all contribute to reverse the narrative of public “unawareness” and tell a better story about the benefits of hearing and balance wellness.

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Private Practice in a Time of Big Health

Previous articles have addressed growing concerns within the field regarding impact and changes in the practice of audiology now that big-box stores and their low-cost hearing aids are reality. There has also been much debate surrounding third-party payer plans that reimburse for hearing-aid services, but at a much lower rate than most independent audiology practices can afford to accept. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2018