David Fabry

David Fabry

David Fabry, PhD, is the vice president of medical affairs for GN Resound and the editor-in-chief for Audiology Today and www.audiology.org.


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | How and Why the “Future of Audiology” Mini-Seminar Came to Be

In 1987, Dr. Rick Talbott was head of the Division of Exceptional Children at the University of Georgia, and was sitting in his office working on how to finance the three departments and a 40-bed ICFMR under his administrative responsibilities when he received a call from Mike Dennis, the audiology program coordinator for the upcoming American Speech-Language-Hearing (ASHA) Convention to be held in New Orleans.

Topic(s): american academy of audiology, Future of Audiology


Publication Issue: Audiology Today January/February 2018